Sunday, August 23, 2015

The Magicians, Week 3

Rogers Arena, home of the Vancouver Canucks. Hockey season will soon be upon us, but in the meantime, we'll just hang out in the parking lot across the street. Our circus is here for two days of filming for season one of "the Magicians"
We were filming at the old Main Street metals fabricating shop on Main St. by the train/bus station.
Honestly, this was in a pretty scruffy area of town in the east end. Lots of "interesting characters" roaming around.
And the day stretched into night.
I must admit when I am sitting waiting for cast to drive, I can get a little bored.
Back at circus waiting for cast, my view of the wardrobe trailer and beyond
The place to be on this hot, hot day was in the shade under the Georgia Viaduct.
Liking the  old sign action on the side of the Ivanhoe pub, which was right beside where we were shooting.
Hard to tell, but they are filming a scene outside, three actors confronting each other outside  in an alley scene.
A blurry shot of one of the sets inside Main Street Metals.
The building is now vacant, lots of decrepit halls and rooms.
A hazy view looking out onto Main Street.
Down in the basement, the video village, where the director, producers and others watch the filming on a video monitor. Also, a place for the actors to hang out when they are not on camera.
Upstairs, one of  the scenes involved a convenience store. All of this was created just for a few scenes.
Later in the week we moved to the old Safeway distrubution center in New Westminster. Some of the scenes today were in this hallway. Two days of shooting here.
Once again the crews worked their magic creating a lab aset including this specimen freezer.
Outside, the circus is a beehive of activity.
Hey this is looking familiar. After three weeks on the road, we were finally heading to our home studio on Marine Drive and Manitoba St. in the southeast end of Vancouver. Here I am cruising down Cambie towards the studio.
This will be one of the main sets for the show, a kind of frat house for the university the Magicians are going to. The detail is amazing, but I am limited to what I can photograph.
Outside the building, the circus is set up for the next 6 days. So far so good.

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