Monday, August 3, 2015

Prep, Pride, and Fireworks!

After a long week of prepping for the new t.v. series, "the Magicians", (see trailer here ) it was nice to get out and about in Vancouver. (this shot is from the Burrard Street bridge looking out into Burrard Inlet.
Earlier in the week while I was waiting to pick up one of the actors downtown, I had a couple of minutes to go for a quick walk by Stanley Park.
The marina in Coal Harbour
Prepping a show for a cast driver includes a lot of things, including driving execs and cast around. In the next four months I will travel the route between the studio and downtown via Cambie St. many times.
I had to take one of the actors to a special effects studio in Burnaby so they could make a mask of his face , for a scene where he will be disfigured. (not as bad as this poor guy, though). This place was fascinating, the skill these FX people have!
All of the displays have been in a t.v. show or a movie at some point.
Apparently this poor guy met his end on the t.v. show "Fringe."
While waiting for cast, I got to hang out in some of the finer alleys around Vancouver, this one was close to Broadway in Kitsilano.
Also errands to pick up gear for the grip and electrics departments. It's so busy, this warehouse at PS (Production Services) is looking very empty.
Another job was to pick up this New York City cab from 911 Films cars and bring it to the studio to be used in filming next week.
This truck is another of the vehicles used in the show. It has been purposely dirtied just for one of the scenes.
When in Vancouver, join the other 500,000 (estimate) for the final night of the celebration of light fireworks display. This was Canada's turn and they did not disappoint, winning the competition. China and Brazil were the other countries competing earlier in the week.
My phone camera had trouble keeping up with the fireworks, most of my pics were blurry.
The next day, we headed back to English Bay, but this time for another well known event, the Gay Pride Parade.
There's the barge that the fireworks were set off from only 11 hours previous.
looking back east towards the Burrard Street bridge.
the calm before the pride storm, our view across the street on Beach Ave.
This guy was in his own parade
and here they come! It was a spectacle to be sure, and one must keep an open mind on these things.
there was no lack of colour , in more ways than one

dare ya to zoom in on some of these pics
this was all about people expressing themselves
zoom zoom zoom (in)
afterwards, the massive crowds descended on the food vendors and beer garden.
heading back home, one last look at the pride scene.
chilling out afterwards with my brother, son, and his buddy from Summerland. Very pride, I mean proud.

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