Sunday, August 9, 2015

the Magicians, week one

 Not even tall buildings can stand in the way of day one of shooting on the new upcoming series "the Magicians", which will air next year on the Syfy channel
Driving cast and driving all over the lower mainland, it is mind-boggling the amount of new condo construction that is going on.
including this new one close to our studio on Marine Drive and Cambie
an early start to the day, (hence the no traffic), in Chinatown in Vancouver.
ahhh, i like alleys, this day started in the infamous "blood alley" in Gastown.
According to stories Blood Alley was the location for a number of butcher shops. At the end of each day they would be rinsed out resulting in the inevitable blood in the street. As if that was not enough they used to hold public executions in blood alley square. (and that one one of many stories I heard)
filming the first scene, very exciting, there was two scenes in the alley that day
and one at this coffee shop around the corner.
The rest of the week was at this tudour style house on Marine Drive in the very affluent neighbourhood in the south west end of Vancouver. Apparently this home has been vacant for ten years. The production has it rented until the end of the first season at Christmas.
Hard to tell, but the back yard green space was amazing, going down into a little valley
Our "circus" , or base camp was at a school on 41st ave.
Back at the studio, the sets are coming along
round and round I go, back downtown for one last time Friday night. Next week we start at UBC. ( ) The end.

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