Monday, May 28, 2012

Day 274 and beyond, Richmond to Penticton to ?????

Day 273, the final group shop, what a team!
Day 274, at the Foundation office, a brunch with all of the foundation staff, hosted by Rick

Yea! balloons!

Rick took the time to talk with most of the relay crew, (even me) what a class guy!

I had no idea the foundation involved so many people.
and now it was time for Rick Hansen to say a few parting words.

It was pretty emotional, he said he was so proud of all of us, I wish I had my sunglasses!
where's monty?

we had to go out in the foyer to fit everyone for this group shot!

Scott presented all of our endurance athletes with a picture commemorating their time on the relay. The pictures also included the kilometres they travelled during their time with us.
and then a special surprise! The final medal bearer for the 25th anniversary Rick Hansen relay, Amanda, came by to drop off flowers at the office as a thank-you. She had no idea we were having a farewell brunch, and it was only fitting she came in to say to the relay gang. A very touching moment and there were more than a few tears flowing. (yes, including me!)

an example of the pictures given to the endurance athletes, this one is for Joey.

meanwhile there is work to do, everything left over on the relay has to be accounted for, including these extra medal bearer uniforms.

on the way back to the hotel, I came across these pilings, and behind them was part of an plane ( it was sitting on the dock)
our last night together, it was time to kick back and hang out. This group is as close to a real family as you could get. Everyone is at ease with each other, very cool! In the kitchen was the poker players, (not for me!)

our people hanging out in the living room! (one of the relay staff had a suite)

and Kyle and Josh playing chess on the floor, while Russ looks on. This is how I want to remember this team, a family.

In the morning, after one last breakfast with some of the team, it was a stroll out to the parking lot. The shuttle busses sit idle.
very, very quiet in the pace motorhome, (a sharp contrast from the bustling activities during the relay)

farewell to the Delta Airport hotel and the relay.

off to the Vancouver airport for a flight back to Penticton.

what the heck, I'm used to hotels and motels, what's another 3 nights (in Penticton this time)
easing back to nomality, a visit to my sister and brother-inlaw's place. There he is working on his motorbikes.

Taylor test driving one out in the back yard

Sophie relaxing out on the porch

look at the size of those burgers!
hey, I can get into this!

that's a burger! (homemade beats all those restaurant burgers I have subjected myself to the last nine months!)

Taylor's friend Dylan popped by.

2 more nights, then it's time to move on............... stay tuned! (p.s. thanks to everyone who tuned into this blog, it was a lot of work, but totally worth it!)


  1. It WAS totally worth it! I loved having a place to come see what was happening, so THANK YOU! Glad you are home safe & sound!

    Those are beautiful momentos for the endurance athletes.

  2. That was great! I don't care who you are driver!