Thursday, May 17, 2012

Days 263-266 Agassiz to Chilliwack to Abbotsford, B.C.

Day 263 was officially our last day off before some very busy times in the lower mainland. I went for a walk around the pond outside of our hotel.

It was such a beautiful day, a few of us decided to head to Bridal Veil Falls provincial park, about 20 minutes away from the hotel. There was plenty of these giant cedars on the trail leading up to the falls, (about a 15 minute walk)

and there they are!

Wendy, and my niece Erin (who works at the office as part of the participant operations team, and is on the road with us for four days) posing!
just below the falls

I had to climb up higher to see the "veil"

that was worth the trip!

It hit almost 30 degrees celsius in Chilliwack today, so it was definately time to be outside. Lisa, Megan, Marilyn, Wendy and Erin are taking full advantage of it!
Day 264 is going to be a great Mother's day out on the relay!

Heading back across the Fraser River river to our medal bearer meeting point in Agassiz

welcome to Aggasiz

our meeting point was at the district of Kent fitness center.......
and our meeting was in the pre-schoolers room, I haven't read nursery rhymes for awhile!

the legacy of the 2010 Olympic Winter Games

there was even a picture of Miga, one of the Olympic mascots, drawn by a student. (I don't think it was a pre-schooler)

Tyrone has his "A" game going as he briefs the medal bearers.
the difference makers of Agassiz, Mike Max, Rosanne, Vicky, and Issac.( in front),  (this guy never stopped laughing and smiling, and he had a Kelowna Rockets hat on, and that make him OK in my books!)

Max is getting the paparazzi treatment from his parents.

Our end of day celebration was at the Chilliwack Heritage Park, a multi use facility and exhibition ground.

this was the entrance to our (barn) meeting point.
It doesn't matter where the meeting point is, it's about the difference makers!

okay, I know you guys have more zeal than that, let's show some enthusiasm!

that's better!

It is always so much fun when we head out to the insertion point for the medal bearers.
and here comes Ross, escorting our end of day medal bearer, Betty. She brought so much joy to our group today. Here is her story:

I live in Chilliwack, and I have been involved with the Special Olympics since 1980. I started with Special Olympics through a workshop for

people with special needs. It is a year round program that offers training and competitions in 18 sports for people 8 years old and up. The

people have an intellectual disability and worldwide there are 2.5 million athletes taking part in sports programs. I am in the Special Olympics

because I like to meet new people. The Special Olympics gives me confidence, it helps me feel better as a person and it helps me to not feel

depressed. My best sport is bowling. When I’m not doing sports I work at the Community Police Office, here in Chilliwack, I have been there 18

years. In May, I took part in the Sun Run. I now walk at least 3-6 kilometers a day to get in shape, yes, even in the rain. I do 5 pin bowling on

Sunday nights, swimming on Wednesday night and curling on Thursday. I work out at the gym 3 times a week. I help at events, and help to

raise money for the Special Olympics. Sports help me focus on positive things.

It was a packed house, with many of the 61 day 264 medal bearers in attendance.

the medal bearers were brought to the forefront

and there he is the man in motion himself, Rick Hansen!
Erin and Wendy are in charge of the merchandise table today.

this may well have been the most medal bearers we have had show up at an end of day celebration

outside, two of our events team's finest, Hank (on left), and Jordan, (little Hank) enjoying the day.

Day 265, today it is supposed to reach 28 degrees celsius.(and there is no minus in front of it like not so long ago on the prairies!)
Day 265, I had a different role, on the supply truck ( I can't remember the last time I drove "big bird')

after loading up the relay team's luggage, it was time to head out on highway 1 to our home for the next two nights,

Abbotsford!(and ever growing city about one hour east of Vancouver (depending on traffic)) (population about 134,000)

one of my other duties today was to provide the information for the rest of the relay staff when they arrived at the hotel.
it was such a nice today, even Jake was taking advantage of the sun's rays.

check-in time at the hotel is always a mingling point.

we have had some good vistas and some bad vistas outside of our hotel room windows, I actually do not mind this one!

today was an event day, with a couple of school presentations, but Hank and I had another mission today. Here we are heading into lotusland (Vancouver)
The Rick Hansen Foundation and the 25th anniversary relay are hosting a fund raising gala on day 267 at the Vancouver Convention Centre. Hank and I headed to the Foundation office in Richmond. (which I have not seen since our 25th anniversary training event last July) We were picking up some supplies to take over to the convention centre.

here was the best part! We got to see the participant operations team! (Sam, (who I worked with on the Olympic Torch Relay), and Mami, Sylvie, and Argie! (these three lovely ladies have all spent time out on the road with us!) How cool!

the "little bird" events truck in forefront of the foundation office and the BCIT aerospace Technology Campus

through Vancouver's Chinatown towards the convention centre
for the first time in almost 9 months we're back in Vancouver!

the cruise ship are in

the loading dock at the convention centre

hard to believe on day 267 there will be over 600 people enjoying a gala evening hosted by the foundation and Rick Hansen

that evening was the last team meeting of the relay, making sure we are all on the same page for the  push towards day 273

we went over a lot , including Kristina explaining what is going to happen on Thermal Drive on day 269 (stay tuned)
Here we go!

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  1. Hey Monty! I'll be at Leigh Square in Poco today-the gallery show opens while the relay is stopped there.

    I'll be zooming up to Thermal after my leg of the race TOMORROW (woohoo!)so I can watch Rick wheel up. I can't believe after driving up and down that hill for years and thinking about him every single time, I'm actually going to witness him wheeling it! It's going to be fantastic!

    Safe travels and hope to see you soon!