Friday, May 4, 2012

Days 247 and 248 Rossland to Grand Forks, B.C.

Day 247, now I can tell we are at a very high elevation, the clouds have rolled in this morning in Rossland.

On as school day, the start of our day begins at a school. This time the 25th anniversary Rick Hansen relay presentation is at the......

MacLean elementary school in Rossland.

Our pace vehicle motorhome is still in the repair shop, so the relay convoy crew got another ride on shuttle 1.
After Rossland, we headed out on highway 3B, and 3 (the crowsnest highway) over the Blueberry-Paulson mountain pass that traverses the monashee mountains. (about 71 KM)(summit of 1,530 metres or 5,036 feet) Hard to tell in this pic, but we stood down for a few minutes because we were ahead of schedule, and the rain was really coming down.

We had a lunch stop in Christina Lake (population about 1,535) A few hardy souls braved the rain for a small celebration celebrating the community difference makers.  

Spoiled rotten again, the folks at the Christina Lake Welcome Centre put together this delicious spread!

The Centre is new and boasts many modern ammenities, including an "eco machine"

An Eco Machine will be treating all of the wastewater from the Centre, R.V.’s and the proposed Seniors Housing Project. The Eco Machine will be an incredible teaching tool about our ecosystems, showing how nature works to break down waste through microbes, fish, snails and aquatic plants, and produces clean water without the use of chemicals or other compounds harmful to our environment. It will be housed in a greenhouse, where visitors and classes can come and see the process at work. There are no objectionable odours, only the fragrance of growing plants and flowers in the greenhouse.
Above the building on a rock cut in the mountainside is the reminents of the Kettle Valley Railway line that ran through here many years ago.

Our end of day celebration on day 247 was in Grand Forks. (population just over 4,000)(and home for the next two nights). The rain has stipped as the medal bearers make their way towards the Grand Forks Arena.

The event was originally planned for outside, but a decision was made to move indoors due to the inclement weather

What could be more Canadian? A Zamboni as the event centerpiece!
Looking out of our hotel window, I could see the sun was back on day 248, and it was a relay day off.
Jeremy, Ross, and myself decided to take the relay escort bicycles out for a ride. We came across this old flour mill, operated by the Grand Forks Doukhobor Milling Heritage Society.

They had these two milling stones out front of the property.

The Kettle River. The rains and melting snow have cause a bit of flooding around the Grand Forks area.

Jeremy and Ross posing with their rides!
Overlooking the sunshine valley into Grand Forks

Less than 5 kilometres away was the town of Danville, Washington (population 34!) So with passports in hand we decided to take a bike ride down to check it out.

there is nothing in Danville except for a gas station and this tavern/restaurant. Ross peeked in to check it out, but the signage showed us that we would not be getting in today.

With that we decided to go the extra 10 miles ( we're in the U.S. now!) to Curlew, Washington. (population just over one thousand)

It was a mostly flat, scenic ride along the Kettle River all the way down.

Closer to Curlew, this park will not being hosting any picnics or BBQ's today.
I like the placement of this sign (the field is flooded), and with all due respect, Ron Paul's chances of being president are sinking.

that's nice.

the old hotel Ansorge in Chesaw.

This town reminds me of an old western town from the movies.

Smokey lives!

there was a one lane bridge crossing the Kettle River

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