Sunday, January 8, 2012

Day 137, Back to Thunder Bay!

Only two more sleeps left in Summerland before its time to get back to Thunder Bay for the second half to the 25th anniversay Rick Hansen relay.  

This sign at the motel I was staying at refers to a yet to be made decision from the B.C. Government as to where a correctional facility will be built in the Okanagan. Summerland city council has put a bid in to have it in their town. 

My relay identification will not be making the trip this time, I was afraid all the pins I have received  from various communities along the way will add to much weight to my already overloaded luggage.

Even in the Okanagan, this is not typical winter weather, beautiful day for a trip into Penticton to run a couple or errands.

Downtown Penticton

the  skys the limit,  just another shot I like.  
Then up to Kelowna for my dentist appointment. Looking up across Okanagan Lake towards Peachland on Hwy 97

You can see the Coquihalla connector highway linking the Okanagan to Vancouver in the cut on the mountain side. To the right, you can just make out Rattlesnake Island

Highball Peachland!

Okanagan Lake

Crossing the Bennett bridge into Kelowna.

My last day in Summerland meant one more day to go to the gym at the Summerland Aquatic and Fitness Center, a place I have been going to on and off for over 15 years.

One last good-bye for the family Muddy.

Washing the car, real exciting domestic stuff!

Over to my sisters to grab some more gear for the road, and to leave somethings behind I won't be needing. Good-bye Sophie!

Better bring it, you never know when you might need it.
Taylor came over to hang with the old man on my last night in town.

4:30 a.m. time to get rolling!

Penticton airport, 6 a.m. flight to Vancouver, could be a long day. Thanks to my daughter Teala for dropping me off so early. 

Touchdown at YVR in Vancouver.

Heading over the Rockies on the my next flight from Vanvouver to Toronto

You are here!
Coming in, you can see Toronto in the background.

Touchdown in T O

At the airport waiting for our flight to Thunder Bay, Jamie, Dawn, Bryn, Kayla, and Barn, missing behind me, Marilyn and Tyrone. 

Dawn Ty, and Marilyn settle in for the hour and a half flight to Thunder Bay.

Did not pick the best seat, my view out the window.

A blurry view leaving Toronto

An even blurry-er (that a word?) view coming in Thunder Bay. Not much time to rest, day 138 tomorrow is a relay day!

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