Sunday, January 1, 2012

Day 131 Nice day for a hike!

Greeted, or annoyed, depends on how you look at it, by a pair of magpies outside my door this morning.  
I went over to pick up Taylor and he showed me the newest in water purtificartion he bought for the family for Xmas, apparently the rocks that filter the water are good for up to 5 years

We went for a coffee to make a plan for the day.

I tried out the continuous shutter button on the camera, it didn't work very well in the darker light, but we tried.

how bout a c plus for  effort.

We decided to go for a hike on Giant's Head mountain in Summerland.
Once you get to the top, you get a panoramic view of the Okanagan valley and Okanagan Lake, this shot is looking north towards Peachland

Looking over Summerland to the northeast

Looking southwest toward the industrial area of Summerland.

a boy and his dog

It was quite a strenuous hike and it didn't help having Taylor and Muddy running ahead of the old man

The road was closed for the winter, and good thing, it was super icy, it was kinda fun sliding on the road on the way down.
higher and higher, 910 meteres at the top (2990 feet)

this tree looks like it is a victim of the pine beetle

don't get too close junior!

at the top, it was very windy

Looking south towards Penticton

distant shot of Penticton

a light dusting of snow on the hills to the east

oh to be young again

back down to Summerland
On Gartrell road below looking up to the peak where we stood less than 30 minutes

so, when you aren't doing much on your holidays, and you can't seem to fill your blog, the next best thing to do is to add pictures from the start of the relay, that you have not seen yet. (right?)
Back to Cape Spear, Newfoundland, the day before the relay started.

About 5 miles away was Petty Harbor, a very cool little fishing village. Check the link, there is a lot of history in this town of around 950 people.

This was one of the towns I distinctly remember from the Olympic Torch Relay, so it was a natural choice to pay another visit to.

Love the old houses.

back in St. John's, the colorful houses of jelly bean row

back at the hotel, sorting out the events equipment and exhibits, including this photo op with Rick, that I took full advantage of.
Day one of the 25th anniversary relay, heading towards the start of Rick's world tour Canadian leg, Cape Spear.

our destination is near.

The television crews were out in full force to for Day one, and to interview Rick Hansen

The stage was set for the start of the relay celebrations, lots of dignitaries and entertainment

Our endurance athlete Sony finds his inspirtation.

Josh and Kyle

Kyle and Kayla

It was quite a ceremony

There we go, medal bearer number one!  click on this link to read Jacob's story.(to date there have been over 3000 difference makers that have carried the 25th anniversary medal.) 

I just love this shot of the lighthouse building atop the hill in Cape Spear. Ok, now back to New Year's day football!

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