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Day 134, Rewind to Day 7 & 8 in Newfoundland

 Day 7, Gander to Grand Falls-Windsor, Newfoundland. Trying to catch up on the missing early days of the relay.

On this day, I had the task of moving a vehicle from Gander to Grand-Falls Windsor.

I saw a sign for a town called Norris Arm, and I decided to to head off of the Trans-Canada to take a peak.

After driving for about 5 miles, I thought I was getting too far off track, so I stopped by this river, it's name escapes me.

I saw these 2 shore birds, I have no idea what they are, I have never seen anything like them in B.C.
Okay, time to get back on track.

Grand-Falls Windsor, here I come!

This was our first indoor celebration. The local radio and newspaper advertised that Rick Hansen was going to be there. There were probably 200 people in the chairs until they found out he was not coming, and unfortunately, except for the medal bearers and their families, the place cleared out in a hurry.

Hank and I were there to support the medal bearers!

Honoring one of the youth groups from the area.

Great local entertainment. Our endurance athlete Sony even jumps in with a drum.

Jeremy and Kyle getting schooled by one of the medal bearers.

Time to pack up for another day.

This cemetary was right across the street from our hotel, and had a magnificent view of the Exploits valley
Day 8 was a day off, and 4 of us took advantage of it and headed for Twillingate, another one of my top highlights of the relay. It has been dubbed the iceberg capital of the world. Icebergs have been known to float right into the harbor. Today, they were about 30 kilometres out, very hard to spot.

On the way to Twillingate, we passed Dildo Run provincial park, yes we thought the sign was funny.

I love this shot with the flag of Newfoundland

I knew we had hit the jackpot, this was going to be a memorable day.

Came across this old abandoned church.

A fixer upper, for sure!

Still on the outskirts of town.

I'm impressed.

Twillingate, NL, Canada
We hiked around the area for close to 5 hours.

Andrew, Ross, and Jeremy were my partners in crime today.

You can tell it is a very harsh and wind swept area.

Hey Andrew wait up!

Lots of jellyfish floating close to shore, moving with the tide.

Lots of debris floating up on shore including this old lobster trap

good pics  from any and every angle

Now we are heading into town.

On the other side of town, there was a hiking trail that took us way up on top oh a rock bluff.

A meadow up on top of a ridge.

One of the many bays, the line on the beach is from shrimp shells

I have no idea, and could not get an answer to what  it was all about

It stretched the length of that bay only.

The possibilities were endless
This pond was in a meadow on top of one of the ridges we hiked.

Let's try spiller's cove.

the four of us were the only ones around, it was powerful, peaceful, energizing..................
Okay, if you look way off to the center and right, you can see 2 of about 9 icebergs we saw that day.

Very thankful!

After about an hour of just chillin, we headed back to the real world.

Lots of fishing and lobster shacks

Okay, we strayed to the commercial side for a little bit. We found the Auk Island winery, and went in for a tasting. For 3 dollars, we were allowed to try 15 different wines. Their grapes are imported, but most of the wines are created from local fruits and berries.  

Line em up Andrew!
Okay, you guys we have to pick our favourites. Our brainstorm was to buy 12 bottles (shipping free) and have them shipped to our hotel in Halifax, so they would be waiting  for us when we got there in a couple of weeks. We did, and yes, we did share.

Downtown Twillingate.

One quick visit to the lighthouse

This was way across the bay from where we went for our hike.

Okay boys, time to go home.

One last look.

On the way back to the highway, we saw this sign on the side of a church. A little extreme?

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