Sunday, November 5, 2017

Episode 108, continued.....

Wow, the positive press continues for the Good Doctor.
note to self, when you are given a lamp second hand, make sure you know where it came from before you try and find a replacement light bulb. After going to Rona, Home Depot, and Canadian Tire, I find out you can only get these at Ikea!

Waiting to pick-up a cast member, I'm close by on Water Street down in Gastown.

Wow, fall is certainly here, this was outside our set at Vancouver Community College. 

another stunning sunrise as seen from my place...

and there he is, the  Edrocker! He has got a lot of days as a background performer on our show.

more proof of fall down at Coal Harbour
an inside joke, but if you are driving Richard Schiff, you better have the purple Dentyne!

later in the week, the fog set in

but later in the mornings it was gone

later in the week, new territory getting on highway 17 as had a pick-up out in Tsawwaessen..

back to downtown Vancouver for another cast pick-up.

Right behind the Sutton Hotel, where most of my cast pick-ups are, was this funky little courtyard attached to the Starbucks I went to on Thurlow Avenue. 

Saturday was a unique day for me. I was asked to take some people around to scout locations for a possible future (next summer) feature film. It was so interesting to be at the very start of a project. They were looking for farmland, but the early morning fog at Westham Island did not give much of a view.

but then the fog started to lift, and behold, a pumpkin patch
spider web on old farm machinery

haha, chill cat on a fork-lift

another farm house to consider

then we were out in Langley. The perks of my job, this was an incredible 100 acre estate. They were looking for a residence for a rural doctor.

The pay-off. The owner allowed us to take a peek at his garages, and  man, we were not disappointed. This one of many of the hot-rods stored there, and they have all been restored.

apparently his grand-father drove this old ford, and the gas pump behind it was the one he filled up at!

a farm out in Langley, wow, never would have known of these places, another perk.
new meets old

we scouted a heritage home out in Fort Langley
and this mansion out in Walnut Grove. (which I have filmed at before, just cannot remember which show)
nice spread.

meanwhile, back in Hiroshima, Ritsue had her own issues to deal with....
(that's one huge praying mantis)

This wasn't my favourite, but I used to spend a lot of time in Spokane, Washington, so it made the cut.

I grew up with these Peanuts characters, this picture blew my mind!

bachelor resourcefulness.

the words are not needed, haha

stand by your man

this one was disturbing to myself, who is not comfortable flying. (it landed safely)


makes sense, no room in the front seat

uhhh, more money than brains?

sure, why not?

not my idea of a neighbourhood

so true in the newer vehicles, including my cast car, so distracting!

oh my, what path to take....

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