Monday, November 13, 2017

The Good Doctor, episode 109 and 110

The sun sets in Coquitlam and on episode 108 of the Good Doctor
The last couple of weeks we have been filming episode 109, and Friday we had a "double up" day, filming 109 at one studio in Burnaby, and we started filming 110 at our Coquitlam studio

The next episode will air tonight on ABC and CTV (Canada) at 10 p.m. pst.
Dr. Shaun Murphy starting to feel at home at St. Bonaventure hospital in San Jose, California.
Heading east on Alberni St. towards Burrard St. for a cast or director, or a writer pick-up. (It's been a long couple of weeks, I don't remember who I grabbed)

Outside of the transport office in Coquitlam I can see the camera peeps setting up a "technocrane" for filming some special shots. 

Our first winter scare, the snow started to fall later in the evening. Thankfully it did not stick.

The snow was still trying hard to stick as I headed into Vancouver to drop off the day's film drives. 

The next morning the snow did manage to stick, but not for long. 

Leaving my parking garage, wow, a balmy 14 degrees Celsius.

one block later, reality, it was only 3 degrees outside.
the next morning, even colder
there was even ice in the parking lot at the studio

I can take a little cold, as long as that sun is a shining. (and it was at Coal Harbour on this morning)

Looking east from my place towards Mount Baker, another fine sunrise.

a quick stop at the car wash, and I'm heading back downtown for an early director pick-up.

I did have time to stop on Thurlow St. by Robson to grab a coffee at Starbucks.
This morning, the caterers spoiled me again, a very tasty chicken quesadilla, with a little avocado, wow!

I had to take a couple of actors to Masters FX in Burnaby for prosthetic fittings for episode 110 and 111. (cannot say much more than that.) These guys at Masters Fx are in high demand in the Vancouver film industry, and here is one example!

and another creepy example...

We were at the studio for 9 days, so it was an adjustment when we went out on the road. Tonight, the Saint Bonaventure hospital is very quiet.

because we were downtown Vancouver. Our base camp was in the Rogers arena parking lot. 

we started the day at V.C.C. and ended our night at a restaurant on Homer Street in Yaletown. 

it was a long 2 weeks, and our semi-fraturday was spent at our Burnaby studio for episode 109 and at.....
our Coquitlam studio for the first day of filming episode 110. (110 won, they finished a good 3 hours ahead of 109)

on one of the  sets, I had to check inside the fridge, I saw both a lot of nothing and a lot, as far as filming goes.

 The end of the night, serenity now! OMG, to go through the Cassiar connector on my own, you have no idea! 

This week-end I had a chance to catch up with a fellow Teamster buddy. If you ever make it to the River's Reach pub in New Westminster, the tuna tower is amazing!

Ron and I

just an example of how many shows are filming in Vancouver right now
on the net this week, prime parking

a fine line between resourceful and desperate 

yes, I'd like to see someone take that to court, it shows up on my cast vehicle all the time


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once again, as a professional transport driver myself, wtf?

kudos to the photographer

if I had the money, why not

god speed, not for me

you know, maybe they could have been more specific, not all of us have COMMON SENSE!

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