Sunday, October 2, 2016

Frequency 7 : a tourist in my own town

The ham radio on the new t.v. show Frequency is all warmed up.....
for the series premiere on Wednesday October 5th at 9
While episode 7 was filming, I had a chance to take a couple of days off and tour around with a friend that had come to visit. There are so many great places to see and so little time! We spent some time in Chinatown.

So many cool old buildings in the east end.

A visit to the Yat-Sen gardens in Chinatown, including the Koi pond, was also on the list.
Overcast but still a great view of downtown from Stanley Park.

Looking out on Burrard Inlet

A rocky shot of English Bay.

Out for breakfast, keeping very busy on my days off.

My first time trying the Cora restaurant chain, this one in Burnaby. It was very good, and there's a breakfast sandwich under all that fruit.
Where else would you go on your holiday, why the morgue of course! ( Not real, this one is part of the set of Frequency, at the studio in Burnaby)

Another one of my favourites, Lynn Canyon in North Vancouver.

The raw power of the water

as it turns out, stairs were a bit of a theme on these days off
The water was so clear.

A very short drive from Lynn Canyon to Deep Cove.
My first taste test on a frozen beer. (well, the head was frozen). Honestly, it was nothing special, although it did keep the beer cold. In the end it was not worth it when I got the bill, 9 dollars!

Well the highlight of my time off was my second hike up the " Stawamus Chief", in Squamish.

There is 3 peaks to climb, we chose the 2nd today. It was a lot more gruelling than I remember, but so worth it.

At the top!

so worth it
Looking down the valley on the back side of the peak at the start of our descent

A stunning stop on the way back at Porteau Cove.
Situated on the most southerly fjord in North America, Porteau Cove Provincial Park features waterfront campsites with a view over Howe Sound to the mountains beyond. An old ship has been sunk to provide interest for Scuba divers and to attract marine life. There are special facilities for divers. Adjacent train tracks are active and occasional noise disturbance may occur.

Then it was over, and back to work on Frequency. On this day we were at Belcarra Provincial Park, filming at Camp Howdy, which will represent the Catskills in New York in the episode. I brought these police vehicles from our studio to set. Its amazing how nice people drive around you even when it's a New York police car.

Camp Howdy looks across to Deep Cove, where I spent part of my days off.

As we went into a cold, dark, rainy night, the films statue of Mary Magdalene stood very ominous.

very late at night, bored , staring at one of the camera departments carts, pic.
wow, we filmed late into that evening. (the fog did not roll in, it was courtesy of our special effects department)

then we moved to Mount Pleasant in East Vancouver, only to be greeted (all day long) by the neighbourhood resident cat.

the canopy of trees on 10th ave.

I love this shot. 10th Ave. is a bike route, and it was full on bike traffic all day. I could see them coming at me, in my mirror I could see them approaching me, and if the time was right, I could see them blow by me.
Many, many chestnuts on this street. You had to watch where you stood or parked, or there was a chance you would get hit!

A familiar view from our base camp at the lot of the Concorde Pacific.

and then back filming in the downtown eastside, at the Brickhouse bar on Main Street. (I was parked on Georgia Street awaiting the cast)

once again, I got to hang out in the finer (sadder) alleys of Vancouver. (a shot of the back of the Brickhouse Bar)

When you sit somewhere long enough you notice things.......a sad reminder of the troubles of the downtown eastside street people
Wow, I did again, managed to make the A-maze-ing Laughter statues laugh at one of my corny jokes.

late pic of me at the Cheif

OMG, now we are into the web photos, including this very bad idea, the "peeper creeper"

sorry, but "fat man"

as long as the weather is good?

I drove truck for years, this is insulting to me!

devil turtle

please, you are drawing less attention to yourself

This is the next Vacation movie

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