Wednesday, October 12, 2016

The key?

Wow, finally finished putting all the new furniture together I recently acquired. Now I have this snazzy collection of hex keys to show for it. (insert frazzled smiley face)

Meanwhile, back on the set of episode 108 of Frequency, coach Ted has shown up at Raimy's house (characters on the show) in this shinny old Jeep Wagoneer.

At the garage set, Raimy's vehicle is a newer Jeep
On the walls at the studio, this is one act I think I am going to pass on.

Filming of episode 8 of Frequency took us back to Belcarra Park outside of Port Moody

Close to our set at Camp Howdy was White Pine beach.

Random, staring at the ground shot, by White Pine beach.

Meanwhile, back down at Camp Howdy, filming was up and down the dirt roads that connected the cabins.
Random, kinda cool, rock bluff shot.

Peek-a-boo view of White Pine beach.

Meanwhile, back in the real world???????, people have taken the scary clown thang to an epidemic level.
The production was gracious enough to supply a gourmet coffee truck tonight as a thanks for the hard work so far, very nice touch!

Then it was time for a break, my daughter, son and I headed to the airport at 430 a.m.....

and we headed jumped on a plane....
starting in Vancouver

and flying to

Houston, Texas. (but that wasn't our final destination)
wow, I remember back in the day there was more free airline food than just a couple of packaged cookies!

flying over Idaho or Wyoming, not sure what this is all about

this ridge was amzing

3 hours to kill at the George W. Bush airport in Houston

pick a flight, any flight......
we chose Knoxville, Tennessee
much smaller plane to a much smaller airport

we landed in Knoxville just as the sun was setting... (tbc)

Meanwhile, back in the Okanagan, my brother-in-law is the bull snake charmer.
random web pics, even cold hearted me finds this one a little bit cute

somebody is clearly not a Willie Nelson fan

this kid has a bright future

clowns are getting treated very poorly these days


actually, these guys might be a little unnerving after awhile

atta boy!

very true at my house growing up

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