Sunday, September 25, 2016

Frequency 7

The sun was setting on another week of filming on the CW t.v. series Frequency. We are already working on the 7th of 13 episodes of the show, due to air on October 5th.
(I took this pic at the Kamui Mintara (playground of the gods) statues on Burnaby Mountain)
One of the scenes this week was in this mock New York subway car that was built at our studio in Burnaby. (it will look like it is moving with the help of the projection screen beside it)

Random, is this golf shot allowed?, internet pic.

The attention to detail was so impressive at this New York police precinct set at our stages
including this elevator to nowhere

and this mock computer profile of one of the murder suspects (played by Michael Charles Roman)

 Coming north on Cambie Street,approaching one of my favourite views of downtown Vancouver.

Here we go again, taking over another neighbourhood. This was new territory for me, way out in south Langley, close to the Canada/U.S. border.
One way to reflect the sunlight.

This will be a flashback to a murder scene.

Later in the day we moved to the active Stokes Gravel pit in south Langley. Actually, a small part of it was quite beautifully treed.

But most of it was a wide open dust bowl.
Without giving too much away, this burnt pick-up truck could belong to the murder suspect. (In this scene the police come to investigate)

A buddy told me back in the day you could fish here, but this was the only evidence of any water I could find out there.

The next day our base camp was back at the Concorde Pacific parking lot near False Creek.
I had a great view of B.C. Place as  I waited to take cast to set in nearby Chinatown.

The "triple foam" car wash, to remove all of the dirt and dust accumulated out at Stokes pit.

Filming went late into the evening in Chinatown. I'm curious to know how much it cost the production to have some of the stores stay open all night.

Filming under the "faux" moon.
Staging for the cast vehicles was in the alley

another crime scene.

On the weekend I had a chance to be a tourist in my own town. Here is another shot of the Kamui Mintara statues at Burnaby Mountain. Created by Japanese sculptors Nuburi Toko and his son, Shusei, these works of art commemorate the goodwill between Burnaby and its sister city, Kushiro, Japan
and a lovely shot across the waters of Burrard Inlet at the Barnet Marine Park in Burnaby.

The train kept us at the park a little longer than I had planned.

That evening I took junior out for his birthday at Cristos Greek Taverna in Burnaby.

He even got to break a plate to a chorus of "Opa"!
Exploring Vancouver with a friend, haven't done it for awhile. This is the Sinclair Centre on Hastings St. downtown.

This picture does not do this picture justice. If you ever get a chance to go into the lobby of the Rosewood Hotel Georgia on the corner of Georgia and Howe, take a look at this incredible 3-D picture.

It is remarkable as it seems to move as you move, worth checking out.

One of the more noticeable buildings in historic Gastown, is the old Hotel Europe, on the corner of Powell and Alexander.
and I certainly felt like a tourist when I stood with a bunch waiting for the clock on Water St. to blow off a little steam.

We also took the sea bus to North Vancouver. A great view looking back to downtown Vancouver.

at the seabus terminal looking across to North Vancouver

good one

I will never understand cats or cat people
bad one

That has to be somewhere in Canada, eh?

what a tribute

that's some good logic, right there!

that's a start....


I wish I had this when I went to school

Chia sandals?

Surprised it wasn't invented long ago.


that's not enough of a fine to deter people.....

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