Monday, September 5, 2016

Filming episode 5 of Frequency

The end of another ambitious week of filming on the new CW show "Frequency". (airing in October) We spent our Friday night at the iconic Rogers Sugar factory on the waterfront in Vancouver. This plant as been around since 1890!
We also spent most of the day there as well
you may recognize it more from the front, on your way to and from downtown Vancouver.
the feeling of fall being around the corner as I drive down Cambie on my way to pick up the director downtown.

back at the studio, the wardrobe department is hard at work, gathering all the clothing needed for the actors and extras this season.

We were on location this week in one of the oldest neighbourhoods in Vancouver, Strathcona. It was cool to see some of the older homes and businesses around the area.

As close as I got to the action today at Admiral Seymour elementary school on Keefer Street.

2 days driving past one of the most infamous (for all the wrong reasons) intersections in Vancouver, Main and Hastings. (my brother is head of the security team at Carnegie Centre (in view), a drop in center for the people of the downtown eastside.
once again, film allows us to hang at some pretty cool spots. This is behind the Rogers Sugar factory, facing out across Burrard Inlet towards North Vancouver and the North Shore mountains.

Looks like trouble tonight on set, good thing we have the New York swat team (the show plays New York and New Jersey) to keep us safe!

behind the scenes at the ole sugar plant, our film vehicles have taken over.
Another turn of the century building on the property

and another, it was pretty cool seeing the history of this sugar factory.
and it is still producing sugar

the cloud action was fierce over top of the neighbours to the east, the Port of Vancouver grain terminal.

our circus (base camp) for 2 days was at the Concorde Pacific lot on False creek, right across from B.C. place stadium.

meanwhile back at Rogers Sugar, there seems to be some sort of police incident. (in the show, the police are trying to locate a serial killer, and think he is holed up in an abandoned factory)

so many nooks and crannies on the property

the police incident went from day well into the night

I spied the warehouse storing all of the sugar ready for shipment
The week is over, checking out the web. Any diehard golfers out there? how would you play your shot?
well that's not quite seeing it, is it?

yes, you are getting your much needed attention


I like this one, mostly because it is at the train station in Vancouver

at least for the bitch session

clever enough

really looking for some attention, okay, you can be Mario kart Mario and Luigi, but get off the highway!

Looks like a typical  try to find parking situation in Vancouver to me!

I'm sorry, but its kind of more fun than scary.

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