Sunday, February 28, 2016

Wayward Pines: prep week 2

My second week on Wayward Pines. We are still prepping, and have a long way to go until they start filming season 2 next Tuesday. Last year, the main street of Agassiz in the Fraser Valley was the main street of Wayward Pines, Idaho. This year it will be recreated at a studio lot in Burnaby.
I stole this from the web, an aerial view of Wayward Pines.
A rare sunny day this time of year as I head to downtown Vancouver to pick up the director and the writer of the show.

I was a little early, so I went for a walk around Canada Place and the Convention Center.

Rain, rain , stay away!
back in Burnaby, I took the producers and director over to the studio lot to check on the progress of the main street of Wayward Pines. (Fox has very strict rules on what you can and can't take pictures of, so I am very limited to what I can show on this blog.)
Across town, junior is working hard as a grip on a t.v. pilot for ABC called Imaginary Mary. (starring  Jenna Elfman of Dharma and Greg fame)
One of the duties of prep is to pick up the trucks you will need for the filming season. Today it was off to Vancouver Mobile Dressing Rooms in Delta to pick up the "honey wagon". (includes washrooms, assistant director and changing rooms. )

Behind the trucks was the Fraser river. As I took a look, a beaver made it's way towards......

and away from me, very cool !

After one more trip, this time to Harold's Custom Equipment in Langley to pick-up the camera truck, it was down the highway back to the studio in South Burnaby.

Lots going on at the studio this week. These "picture vehicles" are being dropped off for use in the first episode.

back down town for an actor pick-up. My new go to route is on Waterfront St. into this tunnel, which takes you under the Vancouver Convention and brings you back up to Burrard Street, where I need to be.
You know when you get bored, you can always open the back hatch of the Ford flex and look at the sky on the back up camera screen on the dash!
Back in the office, the cast list is nearing completion for episode one of season two.

The little bit I can show. Construction is in full swing at the studio. In preparation for the start of filming, there is approximately 150 carpenters alone working on the various sets. Next week filming begins on Tuesday, ready or not.

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