Sunday, February 14, 2016

iZombie, episode 217.

Episode 217, (episode 17 of the 2nd season) finds the iZombie gang taking over the  University of British Columbia (UBC) on another rainy winter day in Vancouver.
5.a.m. comes awfully early. Hanging out with the other production's cast drivers at the Sutton Place Hotel, waiting to pick up the director.
Seems like it was only two days ago I was enjoying Denver upsetting Carolina in Superbowl 50 at the Hop and Vine pub in Burnaby.
and only one day ago I was hiking the Jug Island Beach hike in Belcarra Regional Park with my friend Ron and my son.

Just outside of Port Moody, what a beautiful and lush hike.
It is about a 5.5 km round trip, and has enough ups and downs to make it a pretty good work-out.
The end brings you to Jug Island.
Looking right, a lot of people here today, probably because it's the family day holiday.

Looking left.
A cell phone does not capture the beauty.

at one point, long ago, there were buildings down by the water. (not sure of the history)

Now that is a well recycled tree.

junior cruising by an impressive rock face.
Then it was back to reality. (Okay, the film world is far from reality, but it's my reality, including these ridiculous catered meals. ( Ha ha , I actually put this plate together, trying for the presentation points!)
day turns into night once again as we film at the North Shore Studios in North Vancouver. (average filming is 12 to 13 hours on an 8 day episode, not including the pre and after work that needs to be done)
There's my cast vehicle at the head of our "circus". Our base camp took up a good portion of East Mall Blvd at UBC.
Now we are taking over the old student union building at UBC. It is close to the bus loop and I could not believe how many students streamed by our location. (apparently there is over 50,000 students enrolled at the university.)
on the wall, competition is fierce for the student body president . Except it is for the fictional Pacific Western University in Seattle (not UBC), and the posters are two of the actors on this episode.
our crews completely took over the building with their gear.
another early start, time to grab a quick coffee across from the Convention Center downtown Vancouver.

One of the actors is late, and I can only wait. (She's up there somewhere)
another Fraturday, but it wont be too bad, we have a curfew in this neighbourhood on west 29th ave in Vancouver, we have to be out by 1 a.m.
This show is loosely based on a DC comic book of the same name.

Uhmmmnnn, I think the t.v. show is a better bet.

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