Sunday, February 7, 2016

I hope it's not contagious! (the Zombie thang)

One more week as a guest "transport driver" star on the CW hit series iZombie.
this week, filming started downtown Vancouver, standing by as always, this time by Howe and Robson.
a familiar setting for our "circus" base camp. for two days we are at the Concorde Pacific lot by B.C. Place and False Creek.
Since I was here last, another of the many condo projects around Vancouver was nearing completion close to B.C. Place, and right in front of Rogers Arena.
For most of the week I was a softy cast driver, but when called upon, I was up for the challenge of moving the camera truck (carries all the camera gear) to it's temporary downtown location.

Half the day was spent at one of the night clubs on Granville St. (how much does it cost to buy out a bar for a day?}

back at the circus, random lean over the fence to get an afternoon shot of False Creek.
outside the set, a billboard advertising the Revenant. OMG, that was a hellish time we spent working on that movie in November of 2014, every day we drove 50 km each way into the bush from Squamish, for 3 weeks.
Later that day and the next, we were filming inside the Granville Strip Club.
(out back, oh, my fascination for alleys)

you have to admit, the alley looks pretty cool at night, although I would not want to be hanging out there on my own!
At the airport waiting to pick up a guest star, coffee time, OMG, is it roll up the rim time again!, like the robin, a sure sign of spring!

later in the week we were in North Vancouver. Never mind the rain, the real problem was the fact our base camp was on the wrong side of the tracks! Sometimes we were stuck for up to 20 minutes. The transport team called it the money train , because it put us into overtime because we could not get the trucks out of there!
another perk of the job, how often do you get to go down the highway driving this bad boy. It's funny, even though it says Seattle police, how many people drive on their best behaviour when they are around you.

the Seattle crime scene, in North Vancouver.
Our base camp was close to the iconic Sulphur piles in North Vancouver. You can see these from many places around Vancouver, especially Stanley Park.

as per usual in the film industry, day turns into late at night, the best I can get on my phone is a grainy picture of Vancouver across the inlet.

Another crime scene, this time the mob boss and his friends decide to scare a potential witness, a stripper at a local club. They drive by her with a tire iron to scare her but accidently kill her, yikes!

The Voulez-vous strip club. (actually the Narrows Pub in North Vancouver.
back at the studio, all quiet on the zombie front.

so impressed with the work all of the departments do to make these shows come to life
I'm sure the crime scenes we filmed at this week will eventually end up being discussed at the detective's office back at the studio, including these shots I grabbed from the web.

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