Sunday, December 20, 2015

the Magicians, season two?

Extra, Extra, read all about it! That's a wrap on season one of "the Magicians". 13 episodes, 5 months and many, many hours later, I am ready for a break.
We started the week at the quaint Foxglove farm in Langley. I've never been here before, the grounds were beautiful.
In the show it will play as an old English village, including this blacksmith's shop.
our fabulous set decoration department found all the necessary tools to make  it look authentic.
The main building was very impressive.

the court yard in the fictional land of Fillory.

The pond beside the court yard.
and there he is the background performer extraordinaire, Ed Rocker! Today he plays one of the guest at a Fillorian wedding. (minus the jacket) His blog is here.
random, I bought some Thrills gum, and yes it does still taste like soap shot.
We were kept very busy today, there was a lot of cast in today, including number 28, Angus McQueen, who played Bristlycoat the dog. (It was actually our office manager's bulldog, but it somehow will be a talking dog in the show.)
Later in the week we awoke to a fresh dump of snow on the North Shore mountains.
A lot chillier today at the P.N.E. (Pacific National Exhibition) amusement park, than it was back in August the last time we were there.
Filming back at the Overlyn Manor in Burnaby Heights. It was looking a lot like Christmas at the retirement center beside it.

Below is one last trip to Yvr to pick-up one of the guest stars. As I called parking dispatch to getting a parking stall number I noticed this lot which is usually full of taxi-cabs, waiting for their turn into the airport, was completely empty. Below it is a shot of the way the taxi stand usually looks.
Near the show's end, one last drawing coming from the art department printer. 
The last day of filming, the last day of cruising down Boundary road.
Inside Vancouver Film Studios, filming one of the scenes. (I can't get too close)
Today one of the mythical creatures on the show, half ram, half human, Umber, was in the house. (I couldn't take a shot of him, but here's his humungous boots, made for size, and stability.
The fictional "Brakebills" lab and classroom now lies silent back at the studio.
In the office pictures of all of the cast and crew on the wall. The theme was wearing the top hat, after that pretty much anything went. (mine is down there somewhere)
near the end of the season, my Teamster buddy Tracey chats with one of the cameramen who was watching the monitors as one of the scenes was filming.
Still a little blood left over from one of the classroom scenes where "the beast" arrived uninvited and attacked. (you can watch it all unfold in Canada on the Showcase channel in January)
In the boardroom, pictures of the cast.
The final call sheet, the final day . Two more days of returning all the vehicles, trucks, trailers and everything else needed for the show, and I will be officially unemployed again.

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