Sunday, December 13, 2015

the Magicians, final episode (for season one!)

The last episode for season one of "the Magicians". (believe you me, it has not been all sunshine like this shot of English Bay in Vancouver this week). If you are south of the border, you can actually watch the first episode on Syfy now. Canada, if you have the Showcase channel, you can watch the first episode on Wednesday the 16th of December at 10 p.m.

Not just any library, this is the library at the fictitious Brakebills University, a very impressive set at our main studio in Vancouver.
Our main studio is always changing, morphing from one episode to another. The wood construction on the outside masks very impressive sets on the inside.

Part of my duties, taking the days film drives to the film processing place, which also handles all of the camera gear needed for a filming day. Tonight, I am dropping off the film, (yellow plastic case), and returning some of the camera gear.
including, of course, the Cartoni Dutch Head????? (I'm a driver not part of the camera crew) .... and google says:
This special accessory has been conceived to add a 3rd axis to a standard Fluid Head and allow the lateral movement called "Dutch angle", enhancing special effects.

CARTONI C40S Dutch Head is designed to make exceptionally smooth side-tilt effects simple and straightforward to execute
Later in the week we spent a miserable 2 days at the M.O.T. lands in Delta. This used to be an air force base back in the day, and then a radio communication base for the military. Now it sits vacant, and is mostly used as a dog walk park, and for filming. Today, cold, rainy and dreary was exactly what the script ordered.
random Dubble Bubble gum comic, that Pud!
Every time we film out here, the dog walkers that are here are kind of miffed, and I cannot blame them one bit.
Okay, so those are not pine needles on the floor of my cast van. One of the cast, who I will not reveal, (but I really want to!), has a shar-pei, and man does that thing shed. It was only a 15 minute trip, I can hardly wait to see what happens on the 45 minute trip on Monday!

This pic out at the M.O.T. land was sort of kind of similar to the cover of the first book of the Magicians.
Later in the week it was a dark cold rainy morning at the iconic Stanley Park. (a shot of the Lion's Gate bridge in the background.)
The smoke (atmosphere) was added to a scene at the Polar Bear enclosure (long since closed) at the Vancouver Aquarium at Stanley Park

The front entrance of the Aquarium.
Heading back down to Stanley Park, I had a minute to take a pic of a rare sunny December day in Vancouver looking towards Granville Island from downtown.
The Burrard St. bridge, looking at it..........
and under it.

and a shot of Burrard Inlet heading out to the ocean, by English Bay.
back at Stanley Park, the filming continues

getting the lights ready for some night shots. (that little bank of lights lit up the entire area, very cool)
one more week and all the trucks, including this hair and make-up trailer.
there's the lights in action at Stanley Park.
shines all the way down to the work truck area
random online cute cat picture, except why is the water green?
soon enough, the Magicians sticker will be gone off of my vehicle, replaced by////////
back at the studio, the sets await the final 2 days of shooting this season.

and even all of this wardrobe for the cast will be shelved in storage just in case a season two is ordered,
5 crazy days to go, bring it!

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