Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Days 11 & 12 Orillia to Parry Sound to Barrie

Down the highway on day 11 of the 2015 Pan-Am games torch relay. As we leave Orillia, we get one last look at Lake Simcoe
First thing in the morning I went for a run and ended up on the other side of the narrows, at Lake Couchiching

Random jogging swamp shot
Our first stop on day 11 was in the town of Gravenhurst, (population around 12,000) . Here is two of our pilots, (leading the relay when the torchbearers are running) Shirka and Kristen posing on the world's largest Muskoka chair.

Another relay first, our meeting point today was in a tent set up outside, I guess that's a benefit of a summer relay. Sure would not of happened on the 2010 Olympic torch relay which ran from November until February

Downtown Gravenhurst

These two steamships were down at the lunchtime celebration site by Gull Lake
Big crowd forming a corridor for the torch bearer running into the lunch time celebration

and here she comes, (off to the left), surrounded by our police security escorts.

The highway between Gravenhurst and Bracebridge reminded me of a couple of highways in British Columbia.
We stopped for lunch in Bracebridge on our way to Parry Sound. We stumbled upon the Inn at the Falls (although we did not see them)

Random sky shot

Although we did have a nice view of the Muskoka river.
The end of the day found us in my brother-in-law's hometown of Parry Sound. (population about 6,500)

Our meeting point and end of day celebration was at the Charles W. Stockey Centre for Performing Arts and the Bobby Orr (another famous Parry Sound resident) museum. I was such a fan of his when I was a kid, and still have a black and white autographed picture that Bobby Orr sent me.

Behind our meeting point.

Organizing the uniforms for Parry Sound's torchbearers.

A little windy, but it was nice enough to have the briefing outside the centre.

Here we go again, another group pumped and ready!

Downtown Parry Sound, standing down behind our pilot vehicle, waiting for the word to drop off some torchbearers
Day 12 started in Parry Sound again, this time at the Victory elementary school. This school was built in .............

1917 and it's life is coming to an end in 2 weeks.

This is "old school"! In the day there was an entrance for the girls....................

and for the boys.
It's been a long time since I was in elementary school but I am pretty sure this was the size of the eraser the teacher threw at me!

even the old school radiators

for King and country, those who enlisted in the armed forces who went to Victory school


The stairways had hand-crafted railings

An honour to number 4

The kids watched a presentation on the Pan-Am games and patiently waited for the games mascot, Pachi,
The flame was resting in the hallway, it starts from these lanterns, lit from the "mother flame" in Mexico, and is transferred to the first torch bearer of the day.

On our way to our second meeting point we stopped in the town of Midland to visit some of our team that were hosting a lunch event at the local arena. I spied this hockey jersey, which brought back more childhood memories. It was  from the California Golden Seals, an NHL team that played briefly in the 1970's.

Our second meeting point was here, and apparently I am the only one who cannot pronounce it.

This was such a beautiful spot on Georgian Bay
Well, torch bearer #47 has it pretty easy, all downhill from here

close by was a museum that had this very old, but cool steam engine

This was a chance to take some different group shots of the torch bearers.

Looking back towards town, what a landmark St. Ann's Catholic church is.

another relay first. Our group today included 4 time world curling champion Glenn Howard. (ha ha, third from the left)

The school support is making this relay a  huge success

they made their own torches!

looking in my side mirror, farewell to Penetanguishene, (hey I finally got it right, still can't say it, though). End of day celebration and my home for one night is Barrie. (population about 136,000)

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