Monday, June 1, 2015

Day 3, Wawa to Sault Ste. Marie

What a gorgeous day for a relay. Today started out in Wawa, we stayed at the Wawa Motor Inn, with a stunning valley view.

The moose travels again! (Rode twice across Canada on the Olympic Torch relay and the 25th anniversary Rick Hansen relay)

This place was full of all sorts of antiques and arts and crafts.

There is more than one goose in Wawa. This copy-cat, I mean copy-goose is outside the general store.

What an old beast of a fire truck.

The third goose is on the right side on the roof of our motel.

Downtown Wawa, population about 3,000

Serene Wawa Lake.

The ride

Today's started at an elementary school in Wawa. The school is cheering on one of their students, Matthew, the first torch bearer of the day.

The torchbearers are ready to roll

A group selfie

There is the star of the day, Pachi. Pachi is the mascot for the Pan-Am games, a porcupine with 41 quills, to represent the 41 countries participating in the games.
As the torchbearers look on, a Pan-Am relay host talks to the kids about the games, and shows a couple of video presentations.
We left one school and soon we were at another school a few blocks away. This time the kids were all out with their hand made signs and torches, cheering on the torch bearers.

This girl's hockey team is posing with the last torch bearer for Wawa, a local former N.H.L. hockey player, Chris Simon. Chris actually coaches the team.

There he goes with the torch, security runners with him as he heads towards.........

The goose of course, how fitting.

Time to hit the road, more northern Ontario spectacular scenery and more of the largest fresh water lake in the world, Lake Superior.
My host, Hayley, and myself made a pit stop at a beach on Lake Superior just south of Wawa, called Old Woman Bay.

Would of been nice if we had more time to enjoy it.
We had a some extra time, so I took Hayley to the Agawa rock pictographs, which I had visited on my way up to Thunder Bay. When your looking at them, you don't realize just how high the rock face is.

Absolutely the perfect day for a pictograph viewing.

and the water was crystal clear

So impressive. These paintings are thought to be between 150 and 400 years old.

The mileage signs point in different direction, but who would want to leave  (at least in the summer time).......
Batchawana Bay, a true summer paradise.
We had some real home style cooking at the Voyageurs Lodge and Cookhouse. Our day ended in Sault Ste. Marie, where we begin preparations for day 4 of the relay, which will send us to Sudbury. Good night!

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