Saturday, June 27, 2015

Day 28 Whitchurch-Stouffville to Markham

Day 28 is going to be short and bittersweet in blog land. We started our day in Markham at the very beautiful Angus Glen Golf & Country club.
Angus Glen Golf Club, one of Canada’s most prestigious golf courses, will host the first-ever Pan Am Games golf tournament in July 2015. The championship-level golf course has hosted the Canadian Open twice — once on the south course in 2002 and on the north course in 2007. Angus Glen was selected through a request for proposals (RFP) process conducted by Golf Canada on behalf of TO2015 in 2012

Our torch bearer meeting point was in the most pretty neighbourhood of Unionville.
The history of this suburb of Markham dates back to 1794.

the meeting point was at the local arena, the Crosby memorial community centre.

The picture does not do the downtown core justice, this was the definition of quaint.

the calm before the afternoon storm, our first group beat the weather

a quick drive by shot, but I soon noticed, all the quaintness will soon be gone, this area is the fastest growing and one of the most affluent areas in the GTA (greater Toronto area). New home construction was everywhere.

back to Angus Glen to drop off our first torchbearer, who was to receive the flame from another torchbearer who arrived on, of course, a golf cart.....

By the time we got back to Unionville to drop off the rest of the torchbearers, hundreds of locals lined the streets of the downtown core, very cool.

A random photo op with the torchbearer and a couple who had just got married at a church around the corner.

The last torchbearer in our group ran the flame into the new Pan-Am pool built for the 2015 games in Markham.

Our second group of the day proved to be the most resilient I have seen to date, we all knew the rain was starting, but they made the most of it and enjoyed every moment. Our meeting was at another suburb of Markham, the Thornhill Community Centre.

clever?, or................

A list of the events that will be held in Markham

Our job is to get the torchbearers ready for their on the road experience, but it all goes out the window when the Pan-Am mascot, "Pachi" , shows up. (We lost about 1/2 hour on our briefing, but it was worth it.)

It was raining so hard outside, we had to have the group shot inside

bus shelters and ponchos were very popular today for torchbearers and their supporters

 Originally scheduled for outside, there was a small celebration at the Thornhill community centre.

The weather will not dampen the spirit of the relay, maybe it's time to relocate for a day. Tomorrow, Montreal

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