Sunday, December 9, 2012

where have all the flowers gone?

As I attempt to catch up on my blogging, I am still finding pictures from my bike rides around Vancouver.

Then there was this late day in August. A friend of mine asked me if I could help out with the crew of the bands            Colbie Caillat and Gavin Degraw. The truck driver did not have his passport and could not cross the border from Washington into B.C. So at 4 a.m. , I was on my way to Ferndale, Washington to take over the truck.

That's a sweet ride!
A big 10-4 as I make my way down highway 99 towards the P.N.E., home of the Summer Nights Concert Series

Vancouver and the Northshore mountains in site!

and there's the P.N.E.

The stage. There was entertainment all day. Colbie and Gavin were the headliners for the evening.
This was a sunny Saturday in August, and the fair was jam packed!

My parking spot for the day, along with the tour busses for the bands.

This trailer was 53 feet long, and it was full to the roof. I was very impressed with how quickly the crew set up and tore down all of the gear.

I had a little bit of time  to check out some of the exhibits at the fair.
Cruising back to Ferndale, through the George Massey Tunnel on my way to the border. That was one long day, almost 24 hours on shift.

Then it was back to my other job as a doctor. ( well, actually, playing a doctor on one of the T.V. shows filming in Vancouver.

And there's Ed Rocker, Vancouver's most well known background performer. (the name of the other gentleman escapes me). Edwin has his own blog following his own antics, and his background work. Click here to view.

Another one of my duties is to take the production heads from the various film crews out on a "survey". This is when they scout out some of the locations they will be filming at in the near future. (no, Atlanta was not the destination today.)

One of the locations was a farm at Westham Island in Delta. (I never even knew Westham Island existed. You learn so much on this job.)
Another location on the south end of Commercial Drive in Vancouver. ( I was actually an extra on this particular show the following week, and walked down this very street)

Another location in the commercial district north of east hastings.

The B.C. Sugar refinery building , one of the landmarks in Vancouver.

I just like this shot.

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