Thursday, December 20, 2012

Location Surveys

One of my jobs in the film industry in to drive the bus for the various productions companies to scout out future locations. Today they ( I am reluctant to name the shows) are looking at a vacant bank building in Surrey.

They also were going to shoot a scene on this street in East Vancouver near Hastings.

And of course downtown Vancouver. You can kind of see some work trucks from another television production a couple of blocks down on the left.

A gorgeous September day, a far cry from the sleet, slush and snow that cause traffic gridlock in the lower mainland today.

Just  about morning  time in South Burnaby. I got called out at 3 am to move some of the work trucks for another one of the television productions.
Here's my ride for the early morning ( we had to wait until 7 am to move the trucks, there was a noise bylaw curfew in place in the neighbourhood)

In between work, I keep on riding my bike. This is a shot from the grounds of U.B.C.

Inside an art gallery at U.B.C..

One of my assignments this past summer was helping out with "picture cars", (the vehicles they use for filming). This time was on the show Fringe . Today they were filming by the Bus Station in Vancouver.
One of the scenes involved this truck that I had to pick-up and bring to set.

It was supposed to look bad ass, so these shiny wheels were just not going to do!

Yah, that's better!
They were back filming at the old "Watchman" movie set in New Westminster.

The scene of the crime

Another one of the picture vehicles, I had to drive this bad boy all over the lower mainland. (Not as cool as you would think, the exhaust fumes coming inside the cab where nauseating!)
The work done on these sets is amazing.

Intermission time! A quick visit the Okanagan. Here's my sister Tammy with her new ride, Sharp!

Then it was back to work on the set of Fringe again. Here we are back at the Watchmen set. This cab cab is going to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.
On set they had these giant fans to blow leaves and debris around.

Some of the artwork on the street

Now this is a little frightening.

It was time to call it a night.

The next day I had to position the truck on set, they taped up the windshield to make it look that much more badass, I couldn't see anything!
A few adjustments on the cab.

there is the set, with the giant green screen in the background.

In the scene, I had to drive a 5 ton truck down the street before the other truck comes around the corner.
the local license plates?

The next day Fringe moved it's shooting back downtown. The circus (the trailers, catering and work trucks used in filming)  parking lot had a great morning view of B.C. Place stadium.

One of the scenes today was in this alley

which was across from Victory Square downtown.
Random street shot while I was standing around.
Random shot of animated characters at a toy shop window. (small things amuse small minds)

A nice shot of Vancouver from Cypress mountain.

Back to work driving survey bus again, this time on a film called "Horns" They were scouting out locations in Mission.
There my ride hiding around the corner.

Another location down by the Fraser River

And this church in Surrey. You sure get to see a lot of scenery doing this job.

While I was waiting for the production gang to come back I spied in my mirror a truck that tried to to do a u-turn and ended up jack-knifing himself. That's gotta hurt1

After work, it was time for one of my last bike rides of the year. (this guy is a fair weather rider). This was out at Deer Lake.  and as I finish this blog I can't help but think:  "Only 5 days till Christmas!"

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  1. Hey! Good to see you posting again! Looks like Hollywood North is alive and well!

    My big news is that yesterday I got a letter saying I'm being awarded the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee medal. The presentation ceremony will be in late January. Pretty cool!