Thursday, August 9, 2012

Tourist in my own town

As the days of summer fly by, it's always fun getting out and re-discovering Vancouver by bicycle.

The lagoon in Stanley Park.

Relatively quiet July day on the seawall.

Look towards West Vancouver

Across English Bay to Vanier Park

One of the many Herons you will see down by the water.
Looking east towards Vancouver and Granville Island from the Burrard Street bridge.

Looking west from Granville Island.

Cruising down Oak Street from Broadway looking towards town.
and now downtown, ( okay, it wasn't all on bike, and it wasn't all on the same day!)

The iconic Chinese Laughing Statues at the foot of Denman across from English Bay

the ivy on the Sylvia Hotel in Vancouver. On of the employees told me racoons will climb up the ivy and go into rooms in search of food.

A nice shot of downtown (I'm loosing track, can't remember where I took this one)

Into Chinatown.

If your a tourist, you have to visit the Dr. Sun Yat-Sen gardens in Chinatown
Very peaceful, an oasis in Vancouverr a lot of people don't even know about.

The bamboo grows tall.

very colourful Coy fish.

I'm trapped! Now what?

view from the gardens

The front of this building is actually separate from the rest of the building. This Sam Kee building is arguably the shallowest commercial building in the world.

More of Chinatown

I just like the look of this old building in Chinatown

Look towards B.C. place stadium.
Phew! Thanks goodness, I was a little worried there.

Out by Jericho Beach in the west end of Vancouver

a nice sunset on another touristy day in Vancouver

Another sunset, this time on the Fraser River in Richmond out by the airport.
A friend and I went out to Riverview Hospital in Coquitlam. They do a lot of filming out here and the grounds and building have a lot of history, and some of it is not good. I find it all fascinating. A lot of people believe ghosts inhabit some of the building on the properties.

Many of the building are closed and delapidated, gives it an eerie feeling.

This was on the window in one of the buildings.
My tour continued out to Sasamat Lake in Balcarra Regional Park near Port Moody.

It's less than an hour from downtown Vancouver, and it is a beautiful place to visit.

Okay, looks like I'm all over the map, the road ( and days) have taken me to the Lion's Gate bridge in Vancouver

and a quick visit to Horseshoe Bay.

In the midst of this job, I took a job for two days driving a shuttle for a convention group downtown. I had some time to kill so I took my camera out down by the convention centre. This is the "digital orca" statue.

Looking out towards Stanley Park

Looking along the convention centre towards Canada Place.

North Vancouver

The Olympic Cauldron from the 2010 winter olympics

The driving went late into the night

My "ride" for two days.
Stopped at a stoplight on Boundary Rd. This "giant" was right outside my window.

Day two of my driving gig.

Tonight the group had a special reception at the CBC building downtown Vancouver

The next day it was back on the bike, this time down to False Creek

and back on the Stanley Park seawall, here going past the swimmer statue.

another iconic image, the sulphur piles in North Vancouver
Looking towards the Lion's gate bridge.

Right off the seawall is Siwash Rock. My little tourist trip has brought me full circle back to Stanley Park.

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  1. Hi Monty! The girl on the rock is actually called "The Swimmer". She has swim fins on. The artist who created her would host a yearly birthday party for her with cake on the seawall, right up until he died.

    I have been in Chinatown several times, but have never seen the Sam Kee Building. Which street is it on?