Monday, July 16, 2012

lazy hazy days of summer

Finally, already into July, the weather was becoming more summerish?

talk about not trying this at home, I was attempting to take a couple of pics while riding my mountain bike back from the gym.

not looking too bright!

hard to tell, but some of the bike routes in the West end of Vancouver go through some really beautiful neighbourhoods.
good to go!

back in the car cruising west on Marine

another day on the bike, this time heading east towards Burnaby.

I stopped for some sun at Kensington Park on 37th and Knight in Vancouver.
down to the Fraser River just south of Marine by Kerr. It's a whole different world down here.

I personally do not see a lot of log booms around anymore.

park the bike, time to get the car washed, how cool, technicolour soap suds!

random shot looking through my side mirror.
sunset in the west end by Jericho beach.

looking towardsVancouver before dusk

and after

I went back the next day with my bike, a nice 30 km round-trip from my place.

Picking up my daughter at the bus station in Vancouver, she has come to visit for a week.

We became tourists and took bikes around the seawall at Stanley Park.

It was a gorgeous day to be out and about
Looking across the water towards Vancouver

Harry Jerome monument in Stanley Park

Couldn't quite see what it was, I otter get my eyes checked!
Never mind, these two guys were putting on quite a show fighting over a fish they had caught.

the Lion's Gate Bridge

More wildlife, this time a mother racoon and her babies.

evening time on the Fraser River just of of Marine Drive in the West end in Southlands

you had to watch where you were walking, there was a convention of thes black slugs, they were everywhere

running errands downtown Vancouver on Nelson St.
I just happpened to walk by a T.V. that had Hogan's Heroes on, a show I haven't watched since I was a kid!

walking through Mountain View Cemetary in Vancouver, we came across this head stone, there was a plaque declaring the plot the oldest in he cemetary.

a head stone made to look like a log?

later that evening we went for a walk along Commercial Drive in Van. We stopped at the Memphis Blues BBQ house for these pulled pork nachos! They were good, just try not to think about the nutritional value!
Next day, it was on the bus to downtown Vancouver

We took the seabus to North Van.

Port of Vancouver

Overlooking the water from Lonsdale Quay.
Heading back to Van, looking back

A stroll around Gastown, a lot of really cool old heritage buildings

Taking the Canada Line sky-train (actually most of our trip was far from the sky) back home.

We took a Sunday trip out to White Rock, where I lived briefly many moons ago. Everall street is named after my grand-parents, who were some of the first settlers here in the early 1900's

Looking down Oxford St. , and I mean down, it is very steep.

On the renowned White Rock pier.

The famous White Rock ( painted Granite)
The large, white rock figures prominently in narratives of the local Coast Salish native peoples. One legend holds that the white rock marks the landing spot of a stone that was hurled across the Strait of Georgia by a young Indian chief. It was said that he and his bride would move from Vancouver Island to wherever the rock landed to make a home together. It was their descendants who became the Semiahmoo first nation. ('Semiahmoo' is the Coast Salish word for 'half-moon', describing the shape of the bay.)

On the way home we stopped to visit the grave of my grand-parents

the clouds were ominous looking

So we ducked in to the Flying Beaver Pub in Richmond for some great grub. 

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  1. Hey Monty! Good to see you posting again! I did not know there were otters in the waters near Stanley park. Amazing! I refer to Mephis Blues as "the meat place". My guys wanted to go there for my son's b-day one year. We ordered the platter for 4 and it was waaaay too much protein for me. It was good though! The pulled pork is my fav.