Saturday, March 31, 2012

Day 216 Williams Lake Event Day

Day 216 was an event day in Rick Hansen's home town of Williams Lake. There is a big western theme in this town, and there are numerous wood statues like this one all over town.

There was quite a buzz today, as the town was getting set for the unveiling of a new monument commemorating his original man in motion world tour!

It was kind of cool, I have never been to anything like that before. Everyone was waiting to see what was underneath that blue tarp.

There was a couple of hundred people in attendance for the occasion.

Even Rick has to wait in suspense like the rest of us.
There was a welcoming and blessing from members of the Esk'etemec first nations.

Which included traditional drumming.

Our endurance athlete, Tyrone is back with us for the second time.


There it is,

Standing 12 feet high, the monument is basically a copper globe supported by four metal pillars, which some observers have said resembles the Olympic torch podium. A thick strand of copper traces the route of the original Man in Motion Tour.
Rick addressess the crowd, thanking friends, family, and supporters. Over $68,000 was raised, from community sponsors, for the building of the monument.

All four pillars have a plaque on them honouring Rick's accomplishments.

and even Ronald made an appearance.

The home of the monument is outside the impressive Williams Lake tourism discovery centre.
Rick poses with local dignitaries.

Lot's of media on hand, here they are interviewing Rick's longtime friend and native of Willams Lake, Don Alder.

The media scrum, Rick's in there somewhere.

Inside the tourism discovery centre features it's own monument to the many outdoor activities available in the area.
Part of the architecture includes these carved wood beams.

Time to wrap it up, (almost), Jordan helps Tyrone get onto the bus back to the hotel .

Then they (not sure which they) decided to get a group picture with the relay team, so Tyrone was back off of the bus for this pic and a group shot (at the end of this blog)
one of the other events in Williams Lake today was a visit to the Summit Opportunity Centre.

Is a day program offering recreational/ community orientated activities, volunteering program and a music program. The Centre provides other in house activities and games. There are opportunities for all individuals to optimize their personal and social competency. Any person affected by a developmental disability can access the Drop-In Centre.

A few of us were there to do a presentation on Rick Hansen and the 25th anniversary tour. The staff there showed us a video clip from Rick's original tour when he came through his home town 25 years ago.

Jake was there showing off the 25th anniversary medal.

It was great to interact with all the people at the opportunity centre. They were thrilled to have us there, and we even did the relay warm-up dance with them.
The group shot.

Smiles, it's all about the smiles!

The team pic from the monument unveiling. Another great day on the relay!

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