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Day 191 Olds to Innisfail, Alberta

Day 191 in Olds, a chilly minus 11 this morning and a bit of snow overnight. The screen also shows a rare snowfall in Osoyoos, B.C., close to my hometown of Penticton.

looking out the hotel window, hard to tell, but a little snow blowing around.

Farewell to the Ramada

I had a few minutes to fuel the shuttle before Kayla and I had to take off to our medal bearer meeting point. Heading downtown I spotted a snowplow, something we have seen few off on the relay. We have been very fortunate with the weather this winter.
Downtown Olds.

I drove by the the site of the End of Day celebration for day 190

The cow palace, I am sorry I missed it!

Good thing the sign is there, I would hate to see anyone sneak in any livestock without paying.

A distorted view of shuttle one

Our medal bearer meeting point was at the Olds elementary school

The school has a difference maker program, celebrating the student's random acts of kindness and helpfullness.

I am not, but I think I understand what the picture is trying to say.
Check out this link to learn more.

During school days, the Rick Hansen 25th anniversary relay starts the day at a school, so it is fitting the medal bearer meeting is in the class room .

Kayla and I had 6 medal bearers in our group, left to right, Meghan, Raymond, Shawna, Crystal, Claire and Samantha

These Kindergarten to grade 4 students were really into the presentation, they cheered, sang and danced! (to the medal bearer warm-up song, where yours truly had to show them the moves after our emcee Billy told them all I was a "dance professional", yikes!
Hooper's heroes.

Hooper's Code

Hooper is our school mascot. He is loved by all and carries an important message about the way we should treat others. As parents and teachers, we want the children of OES to be thoughtful and caring of others. At OES, Hooper's Code is how we teach children to do what is right because they feel it in their hearts. Our Golden Rule, thinking of the other person, makes OES a caring place for children to learn and grow.

The kids from Horizon School, a special needs school beside Olds elementary, came out to cheer on their school's nominees, Meghan and Raymond.

Good work!
Only at a legion (this one in Olds) do you find random military equipment on the front lawn. Tanks for the memories!

Next stop was our end of day celebration in Innisfail, Alberta, population 7,800. Below is a map of Alberta, Innisfail is center in the bottom half of the map


One of the posters put up around town heralding the arrival of the relay.

Kayla and I were rostered to work the  merchandise table at the end of day celebration in Innisfail, but because the GPS steered me wrong (again, I trust it a little too much, I think), and we left a little late to get there, we ended up behind the convoy and the medal bearers as they worked their way towards the end of day ceremony. There was no way I was going to pass all those police vehicles! 
The end of day site, the Innisfail library and senior's centre.

Day 191 end of day medal bearer, Duane, addresses the crowd the " cowboy way"



Duane Daines - Contestant
Inducted - October 30, 2004

One of Alberta's most esteemed sports heroes will be inducted into the Canadian Pro Rodeo Hall of Fame this year. Duane Daines of Innisftail, Alberta is being honored in recognition of his 17 year professional career which culminated with 3 All-Around Championships, a Canadian Saddle Bronc title and almost $700,000 in career winnings.

Throughout the years of competition Duane became well known to many people as an outstanding ambassador to rodeo. He served on the CPRA Board of Directors, worked closely with the media to promote the sport of rodeo, volunteered at fundraising events as an auctioneer and visited schools while stilli managing to travel hard enough to qualify for 9 NFR's and 13 Canadian Finals, Rodeo was in Duane's blood and while inspiration from his father, Jack Daines and his uncle Ivan was a motivating factor, it was Duane who set his sights on being an All-Around cowboy early in life.

While saddle bronc riding became Duane's forte, he diligently practiced at calf roping until it paid off with an Alberta High School All-Around Championship in 1976. Daines turned pro at just 19 years of age and acquired his pilot's license a year later. Flying the skies reaped rewards for Duane over the course of his career. He won many major rodeos including Houston, Texas; St. Paul, Oregon; Oakdale, California; North Platte, Nebraska and the All-Around Championship at the San Antonio Stock Show snd Rodeo.

Duane, among many other accomplishments, was the first Canadian saddle bronc rider to win the $50,000 showdown at the Calgary Stampede in 1990.

Perhaps the highest honors won by Duane during his incredible career were that of Guy Weadick recipient at the 1991 Calgary Stampede and Cowboy of the Year in 1995.

Long admired by his peers and rodeo fanS alike Duane's popularity soared after he found his own life shattered by a saddle bronc injury which left him paralyzed from the waist down.

With amazing fortitude Duane quickly picked up the pieces of his life and went on to inspire thousands of friends and fans as he forged ahead as a husband, father, auctioneer, rodeo promoter and radio broadcaster, and advocate for the disabled. Duane has been a role model not only for young bronc riders and cowboys the world over but for many people who have been encouraged by his humble acceptance and winning attitude in all of life.

Already a member of the Alberta Sports Hall of Fame, his induction into the Canadian Pro Rodeo Hall of Fame will be the crowning achievement in a stellar career that continues to enrich the sport of rodeo.

Duane proudly wears the 25th anniversary Rick Hansen medal. In 1995 Duane had an accident while in a rodeo in B.C. that left him paralyzed. :

Rick Hansen has inspired me as he has to millions of other people - After my injury life does go on I had to be strong to raise 3 beautiful girls

and be there for my wife. I try to be a good role model and inspire others to live a fullfilling life. Everyday is a great day if you "live it" the

Cowboy way.

We were thrilled when the community of Innisfail presented a cheque for over $12,000 to the Rick Hansen Foundation.

This is a celebration of Canadians, time to dance!

The Olds high school concert band was on hand to entertain.

Kayla taps the glass on the "Fish bowl" (private joke, but I will let you in, that is Jeremy's last name.)

A little snow means a trip to the carwash. (keeping a clean image). The bay door has closed on day 191

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