Friday, March 23, 2012

Day 207 and 208 Edson to Hinton to Jasper, Alberta

A little brisk this morning in Edson

Things were a little frozen, a scraper wasn't quite doing the trick, I could of used an ice pick!

 Leaving Edson. For the next few days, I am on a different journey. While the relay moves from Edson to Hinton to Jasper, I am taking shuttle 4 (a bus that is not being used right now) to Prince George, B.C., where I will drop it and then fly home to Summerland for a week off. The trip today is about 539 kilometres.

3 kilometres down, GPS instruction pretty easy, make a left in 536 K!
Getting close to the Rockies again!

As much as I love being part of the 25th anniversary Rick Hansen relay, there is something to be said for going for a cruise on your own, listening to some good tunes, and enjoying the scenery!

Hinton, Alberta, "Gateway to the Rockies",(population about 9,600) site of the End of Day Celebration for Day 207

Now it's getting good.

not as much so as your would think for this time of year.

Roads were really good as well............
Spoke to soon, a few kilometres east of  Jasper, it started to get really slippery.

I decided to cruise past Jasper, it is worth the visit, but I have been there many times before.

Slicker than clean socks on a waxed floor!

but beautiful all the same.
And another milestone, the British Columbia/Alberta border.

At the B.C. border is the start of Mount Robson National Park, it borders Jasper National Park in Alberta

Crossing the border did not make the roads any better, I saw numerous vehicles in the ditch along this stretch of the Highway 16

It was still a breathtaking drive

I was hoping the clouds lifted a little bit so I could get a good glimpse of Mount Robson. The last couple of times I have been through this way, you could not see the peak.

This is the view coming towards the entrance to Mount Robson .

Mount Robson,  3,954 metres, or 12,972 feet high.
You have to take my word for it, I could almost see the peak.

 This is on a good day!

Then the road got a whole lot better heading towards McBride, B.C.

Crossing the Fraser River, the longest river in B.C.
That is quite an advertising statement.

I only stopped for coffee! (Esso is the relay choice!)

McBride is an old railway town, that was formed when the old Grand Trunk Pacific Railway was being built. I have stayed here before when I was working for a tour company. The population is a whopping 660 people. The relay will be stopping there on day 209

Just a really special day!

Life is a highway............
Cruising down into Prince George, population about 71,000

This could be either the Fraser or the Nechako river, which flows into the Fraser.

The traditional downtown shot. (tradition on my blog, anyways!)
Day 208, while the relay crew is still in Hinton (where apparently there was no snow), I awoke to a winter wonderland in Prince George, where it snowed close to 4 inches.

At the airport, grin and bear it!

The good news was it was sunny, and the temperature quickly rose above freezing.

Small market means small plane. There is no direct flight with Air Canada to the Okanagan, so it was a flight to Vancouver then another one to Penticton.
Just outside of Prince George

Somewhere between Prince George and Vancouver

Those little sticks down there are actually freight and container ships sitting outside of the port of Vancouver.

From the great white north to the "burbs" in 1 1/2 hours

Hanging at the airport for a couple of hours, free wifi, time to catch up on some bloggin!"

Back in the air, heading out towards Penticton
Over the mountains between Hope and Princeton.


Penticton for the next 7 days!

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