Thursday, March 15, 2018

wrappin' and a preppin'...

The end of a long season on the Good Doctor, time to relax for a bit....

uhhh, that's not me...

The dismantling of the Good Doctor's St. Bonaventure hospital has begun. (even though there are still 2 episodes to air on t.v.)

the hospital snack bar, how did that food stay fresh all season?

well, it doesn't matter, it's all going into storage now
The Good Doctor himself, Freddie Highmore, had these thank-you cards specially made for the crew.

Thank-you Freddie, it was a pleasure to drive you!

Relaxing was short lived, time to prep for our next show, uhh or shows.....  This day I was back out to Vancouver International Airport, time to pick-up the director for the next series. Here we go again.
I was surprised to find, in my mailbox, a package Ritsue had sent from Japan over 2 months ago!
A belated birthday gift!

A toque! Thank-you, ha-ha!
from the web this week, wow that's close

you may have seen this shot in the news before, but I thought it was worth showing super dad again..

the human mind never ceases to amaze..

I never would of thought of this one...


dad joke

part of his punishment

old truckers never die, they just find new ways to truck

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