Saturday, February 17, 2018

The Good Doctor, 16 down, 1 to go......

Another rainy start to another week of filming of the Good Doctor. Currently we are filming the 2nd to last episode of the very successful first season of the show.
Had time on the week-end to go for a beer with junior. Hey, wait a minute! How did he get a Wayward Pines hoodie, I was the one working on the show, not him! 

Could this be the end of the wet weather? (enough, already, it rained 24 days in January, including the last 16 days of the month in a row)

One day this week our base camp was at the familiar Concorde Pacific lot by False Creek and Science World.

One night in make believe land. I am parked minding my own business, and the I see in my rear view mirror, some kind of incident.....

I got out of my cast vehicle and looked towards the anomaly and realized they were using the "rain towers" tonight for one of the scenes. 

looking the other direction, glad it wasn't me involved in that....(I've been under the towers on a cold November night a few years ago on "the Watchmen")

love this courtyard on Thurlow close to Robson, my new favourite Starbucks!

Trying to balance 3 meats with a little salad and veggies, our caterers are killing us with love! haha

One of the 20 days in a row that in rained in January in the Lower Mainland.

but on another day, spring is trying hard to show up....
even the mallards think so

Spent a recent week-end with junior watching the Superbowl in a pub in Burnaby. (It was a fun way to spend one's birthday.)

Oh yes, so good, but soooooooooooo bad.

Ritsue sent me this piece of art birthday card. Why can't you find a greeting card like this in Canada?

No, not a night shot of Coal Harbour, a very, very early shot of it.

Oh, look at my cast car parked outside of our studios in Coquitlam. The sign is at the half-way point of my vehicle. (Yes, you know how this ends, the parking enforcement Grinch gave me a ticket!)

Hahaha, that is the second week in a row I have caught Vancouver's number one background performer asleep at the job. Edwin and I go back a long way, I first met him on the set of Iron Road in Kamloops.

One in the afternoon is always a busy time at Vancouver International Airport as I wait for one of the guest stars to arrive from Los Angeles.

I spied, on the monitors by the hair and make-up holding, Freddie Highmore rehearsing for one of his scenes.
A change, hanging out early morning style, in West Vancouver

It was different view today, I had to pick-up a guest star that lives in West Van. (this is looking back towards Stanley Park and the Lion's Gate bridge.

Today's menu, our caterers rock!

Looking out from my place towards Mount Baker. We enjoyed a few rare sunny days this week. 
One day left on episode 116, then we begin filming the last episode of season one.
Now here is a smattering of pics from the web this week.


dude, soooooooooo close

doggie shaming

kitty shaming

bravo Alex.


Well thought out Spencer.

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