Thursday, January 25, 2018

The not so good episode 114 of the Good Doctor

The sun rises on episode 114 of the Good Doctor.
Didn't last long, the next day, downtown Vancouver was shrouded by fog. 

We have not been out on location very much this season. This night we were filming at a pool in an apartment building in Burnaby. 

On Monday, I got home exactly at 10 p.m. So I was able to tune into this week's episode of the Good Doctor. 

Some times, I have to fold down the back seats to accommodate some of the larger pick-ups. This was one order for the camera department that I picked up at Panavision.

Including the red epic camera??????? (I have no clue)

and on the same trip, a smaller pick-up for the same camera department

You know, you just never know what you are going to be asked to do on this job. One of the recurring guest stars was waiting for her husband and 18 month old child to fly in to be with her, and she asked me to take her to Toys R Us to get a  couple of toys for her daughter. (it actually was more fun for me, than her, I managed to play with more toys than a grown man should.)

 Waiting to pick-up her family. This iconic jade statue is there to greet the world as they arrive at Vancouver International airport. 
A futuristic world? No. I was trying to find a short cut through North Burnaby, and I ended up at an oil refinery down on the waters of Burrard Inlet. How many people do not know this even exists????. It is so close to nature, including the ocean, and many neighbourhoods. 

A blast from the past. I spent 2 days last week driving around producers for an upcoming mini series that will shoot at the end of March and air on the National Geographic channel. One of the locations we looked at was the Plaza of Nations, one of the few left-over buildings from Vancouver's Expo '86 world's fair. 

Wow! What is this odd looking machine??? Another blast from the past, How often do you see a pay phone any more?

My ride for the day, a Ford Transit van is dwarfed by another remnant of 1986, B.C. Place stadium.

Another location was this windowless building in Kitsalano, which, apparently used to house the money for all the CIBC banks in Vancouver. It is called the "fortress". 

Another stop today was on of the buildings at the old R.C.M.P. training facilities on Heather Street in Vancouver. 

and there it is, the Crease Clinic at the idle Riverview Hospital in Coquitlam. I have been here many, many times over the years, it has been used in countless films and television productions. 
a pic of Crease back in the day..

speaking of back in the day, another location to view was this vintage motor court on Kingsway in Vancouver..
(I remember staying there when I was a kid, when my parents brought us down here from our hometown of Penticton for a hockey game, and that was many moons ago!)

another potential filming candidate, the very cool Vancouver Public Library.
and there's my passengers, down on the beaches of Spanish Banks

Spanish Banks provides a great view of the city, and it's less than 20 minutes from 

next stop, a church in Tsawwassen

lunch was at Aberdeen Mall in Richmond. The Fisherman's Terrace restaurant had the best Chinese food I have ever experienced.

and then the not so good.... Friday night was one of the most gruelling nights I have spent in film. We were at the Surrey city hall which doubles as the Good Doctor hospital. The crew call was 1800. (6 P.M.)

The night dragged on. Thank goodness for the Teamster umbrella.

Yah, checking my phone, it's really 0453 Saturday morning, and we are not done.....
The hospital fundraiser gala looks like it will go on and on......
(I got home at 9 a.m., a super Fraturday!)
(super painful, that is, haha!)

I am as guilty as anyone of wanting this.


super dad!

I love these pics!

Sorry, don't get it.

sorry, I get it, and I'm not impressed

if someone is using ape hangers, does that make them.....

Don't be fuellish now.

wow, it's come to this.

art, or OCD

gotz their a-game

this would make me feel like I was sitting in a bed of insulation....

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