Thursday, July 9, 2015

Day 38 & 39 Toronto

Day 38 of the Pan-Am torch relay. First stop of the day was at............
The Ken Cox Community Centre across from Humber College in the Lake Shore District of Toronto

In the summer it is also a drop-in centre and a summer program centre for kids. Today there was a small celebration with some of the kids and the torchbearers, friends, and family.

Our group carried the torch through the town of Etobicoke, (with a population of 347,000)
Location of Etobicoke (red) compared to the rest of Toronto.

After we dropped off our last torchbearer, we had a chance to actually watch the convoy go by.

A lot of security support for the torchbearer

Our next group was carrying the flame on Weston Road in York. (Population about 133,000)
 As a separate city, it was one of six municipalities that amalgamated in 1998 to form the current city of Toronto.

A group shot inside the Weston Library
and here's the outside

My view outside my hotel window, the end of day 38 included a very sudden, but short heavy rain and thunderstorms.
Day 39 of 41 of the relay. This shot was like being on the outside looking in. As we pulled into our first meeting point at the Driftwood Community Recreation Centre on Jane Street in Toronto, we watched one of our other torchbearer briefing teams getting their gang ready to run.

Beauty on the brick wall outside the centre.

Even though is was a short 30 minute community celebration, there was a very good turn-out in the neighbourhood known as Jane and Finch.

Now I'm back in the game! Our group from the left.........
and the right.

Cruising down St. Clair Ave. (which is the route our second group of torchbearers will run this day 39 afternoon.) en route to our meeting point at the J.J. Piccinninni (insert your pronunciation here) Community Centre.

This also where the end of day celebration will be held, outside at Earlscourt Park.

Every once in awhile I catch the best shots in my side mirror. Here is one of our torchbearer bike escort, Marilyn. (the first contact the torchbearer has after we drop them off at the side of the road) (She will also test the torch to make sure the fuel is flowing)

In the other mirror I can see the one of the many street cars that travel up and down St. Clair, as well as the relay convoy, way, way back.
and the flame passes from one torch to another, all the way to the opening ceremonies in two days time.

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