Sunday, July 19, 2015

Back to normal?

Wow, back in Burnaby. After being on the road around Ontario for 41 days on the Pan-Am games Torch Relay.I t is an adjustment, coming back to my "normal world". Burnaby Lake is still here, although the water level is way down form the last time I was here in April.

Getting used to my neighbourhood again, East Hastings street in North Burnaby.
Instead of relaxing, I lasted a whole 3 days of bouncing off the walls before I booked in at work. Within 10 minutes I was offered a two day gig on a  showed that is starting their second season, "i-Zombie". My day started at their main studio and stages at North Shore Studios in North Vancouver.
Today I drove for the pre rigging grip department, who usually works ahead of the filming, getting the sets ready for a shooting day. We were down on Byrne Road and Marine Way today in Burnaby, close to a familiar set from the past. This is all that is left of the "Watchmen" set, which I was actually an extra on back in 2008. More recently I worked on a T.V. show, "Fringe", helping out with picture cars.
This is what the pre rig grip crew does. The day before they assembled the maze of framing on the roof, that will support the lights that will be used for the filming.
Back at North Shore studios, all vehicles are getting in place for the first day of shooting next week.
These are productions offices at North Shore Studios that could also front as as a film set if need be.
ahhhh, the dust covers will soon be off in the morgue, on the film set of i-Zombie.
Sitting in front of this blackberry patch, hmmnnn, which one, (signifying my next film job), should I pick?

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