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wow, how fitting, final shooting day for a t.v. movie called "in my dreams", this was in Burnaby Central Park. They were actually re-shooting this scene, but had to adapt it for tonight's weather conditions. (dec. 20)
A far cry from my visit to the Okanagan this summer. This is from Lang Vineyards in Naramata looking north up the Okanagan towards Peachland.

A little early, but looks like a good crop.

On the shores of Okanagan Lake just north of Naramata

North Naramata Road

back south towards Naramata (the point on left), Trout creek (point on right) and Penticton

Hanging out with my chicks at my sister and brother in-law's house in Summerland.

Oh-Oh, competition!
everyone has to have a hobby, this just happens to be my brother-in-law's.

It was a very busy in the film industry this year, running from July all the way until Christmas. One of the many units I had to operate, this one was on a t.v. show called Cedar Cove. This truck is for the electrics department, with a portable generator mounted behind the cab.

Driving survey bus again for the t.v. show Supernatural, scouting out future locations. This is the arena at U.B.C.

and back at Stanley Park in Vancouver looking towards the downtown core.

before it got really busy in the film industry, I was working up at Simon Fraser University in Burnaby in their central stores.

but it was back to film, and these old trucks.
one of the "picture cars" used on Cedar Cove. I got to drive it back to the lot, hard not to hit the lights and siren!

The best part of the job, covering the whole lower mainland , this shot is crossing over the Burrard Street bridge into Vancouver

going back to the summer, a beautiful time for a parade.

in this case the 2013 Vancouver gay pride parade. Everyone needs to see this spectacle at least once.

random flowers

everyone was into it.

I would say this is a commercial float!

certainly colorful

huge crowds, they estimated over 500,000

lots of vendors
too crowded, think I will stay up here on the bridge

walking back by Granville Island

I got to drive this bus in a commercial for a French T.V. station.

Add caption
even though it said California, it was the interior they needed for the commercial

on action, I drive away with the t.v. host guy, while these midgets chase after the bus. Here is the link.

back in Summerland. My son with his dog, Muddy

At my sisters's hanging with the ashes of my older sister.

Yah, the family cat, (doesn't like me much, lol.!)

all over the place, this was for another commercial for some sort of medication, shot in North Vancouver. They had the frame set up for a girl to swing in.
Downtown vancouver, let's check the parking signs.

I suppose it's allright.

Sun Tower in Vancouver

In the summertime, I worked on a T.V. show Once Upon a Time in Wonderland. They did a night shoot out on a farm in Langley

nice to find this much peace and quiet so close to the city

even the deer think so

my son and I on a hike in Belcarra park outside of Port Moody

hold still!

back along on of my biking trails in Burnaby

I would too.
another of my many jobs, making sure equipment is ready for the "torture". Actually, one of my jobs this summer was in the set decorating department, they dress all the sets with whatever may be needed, inclucding this old winch being used in the show Once Upon a Time in Wonderland.

I got to spend a lot of the summer on a feature filmed called Step Up 5 (I didn't know there was a 1, 2, 3 and 4.) We spent a lot of time in downtown Vancouver on this show.

Odd jobs including luggage haul to and from the airports for the actors/dancers in the show.

One of our days was filiming in North Burnaby, looking back towards Vancouver

the work trucks are all set up on the streets.

getting ready for a night shoot downtown
cool old hotel where we were shooting. the saying on the front of the building says " unlimted growth increases the divide"

moving one of the work trucks, this one is used by the prop department

we always seem to go where the trucks are not allowed. (actually, we have to get permission, and there are curfews in place)

what a crazy day of shooting high up in the suburbs of West Vancouver. That is a blanket of cloud covering over Vancouver

You can see some of the tallest buildings in Vancouver peeking out, including the Shangri-La hotel, Vancouver's tallest building.

The clouds shifted all day.

You can see Mt. Baker in the distance.

The lights on the Lion's Gate bridge are peeking out as well.

then back downtown.
This picture car played a prominent role in the movie, belonging to one of the characters in the show.

I hope so.

I spend a lot of time waiting. You start to notice things, like the sun shining on this tree.
Or one of the many film stages at North Shore Studios in North Vancouver.

One of my last projects of the year was work for a t.v. pilot called "the lottery". I was the director's driver, amongst other things. Here we are scouting out locations in gastown in Vancouver.

the tech survey itinerary
one of the scenes was on the docks in North Vancouver looking back towards Vancouver

this was a set on the movie Step Up 5, a real working electricity lab in Surrey.

Once again, things will be great when we are downtown.
church in East Vancouver across from set.

I can assure you, this was not Baltimore

Use your mirrors folks, you never know what you will see.
My last few days of the year were on the T.V. movie "In My Dreams". This is in New Westminster looking down towards the Fraser River.

and so it went, we ended up in Central Park in Burnaby, that was one long day.

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