Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Lord I was born a ramblin' man

Bouncing between a couple of different jobs, here I am out in Fort Langley at the "circus" for the t.v. show, Cedar Cove, starring Andie Macdowell. 
That same week, I found myself driving this Penske inside the sails at the Vancouver Convention Centre. I was helping out with the annual BMO Vancouver Marathon.

Great view of downtown as I leave the convention centre, driving alongside where the cruise ships park.

As I get used to my new digs in North Burnaby, I have been taking my mountain bike out and about, this time heading up Burnaby Mountain, that's Vancouver in the deep background.

The Ainu totems.

Burnaby has a connection with it's sister city in Kushiro, Japan
It was a steep, steep ride up, but it the view was worth the lactic acid burn!

Back out to historic Fort Langley for another day on Cedar Cove.

Some of the buildings in Fort Langley have had their names changed to Cedar Cove. These are used in the show quite often.

Across from the circus is this cool old church1897 and on MacMillan Island, on the Kwantlen First Nation Reserve. It was built between 1897 and 1902.

One of my jobs with the Vancouver Marathon was to drop off supplies at all the aid stations along the route. Here I am way out in the west end of Vancouer at UBC, looking out into Burrard Inlet.
There must be quite a change in the water depth here.

A little freight transfer with another truck with the marathon.

The course goes into Stanley Park, and the sunset on downtown was quite spectacular.

and then back to the circus!

random shot of an old building close to the marathon office just off of Clark Drive in Vancouver
annnddddd back out to Fort Langley, early am, the mist was rising off of the river.

I managed to catch the sun rising as well, pays off being the early bird!

okay, now I'm off on another adventure, I worked on a commercial for a drug company. I drove this transit bus in one of the scenes.

It was not Connecticut in the commercial, this was from a previous film shoot it was in.

bouncing back to Cedar Cove in Fort Langley. Today I was driving this truck pulling the wardrobe trailer for the show.
Looking out the window at the Fraser River

wow, the way I have posted these pictures is even more random than I remember. Now I'm on my bike riding in North Burnaby, there are a lot of good trails that are so close to the major routes, a nice escape.

Heading under the Lougheed Highway

This bike path actually crosses over a road close to the Lougheed.

Right beside civilization , this little oasis.

Now I'm really off track. For awhile I was driving some of the cast on Cedar Cove to and from their hotels to the set. I was lucky enough to have this bad boy for two weeks.
On this day they were using a restaurant in downtown Fort Langley as one of their sets.

and this church is actually used as a courtroom, Andie Macdowell plays a judge. They take all the pews out for the day of shooting.

Another main set for the show is in Deep Cove in North Vancouver

This is a gorgeous place, and only 20 minutes from Vancouver.

My little camera capturing another full moon.

OMG!, back to Fort Langley, today they were filming at a farm, but this farm was used for crew parking only.

You can see the lights on the farm house, which plays as a bed and breakfast.

Some of my duties when I was driving cast was to do errands for the show. Here I picked up some script revisions from the office in Burnaby.

The office.

Also, there is a lot of wardrobe items going back and forth.
One of the directional signs for shows you see posted all around the lower mainland.  

for a few days on Cedar Cove, this became my ride.

We had to park away from the farm in Fort Langley, because the camera was shooting towards the road, and we couldn't be in the shot. My view was of this farm across the street.

Went you have to sit and wait, you start doing goofy things, like taking pictures in your side mirrors.

this one turned out good

The Cedar Cove bed and breakfast
sitting close to Hastings Street in downtown Vancouver, waiting for my brother so we can go to lunch. (He was 35 minutes late!)

Another summer job for me. I work part time for GMR marketing. One of  their clients is Telus. They have a dispaly trailer at festivals and events. This is at a Telus sponsered event in Stanley Park, the run/walk to cure Juvenile Diabetes.

The rig to pull the trailer.

A lot of people on the day of the event.

Back in Stanley Park, different day, different view of downtown.
all and all, it was a good gig.

phew, back on Cedar Cove, back in Deep Cove, a 15 passenger van this time, but the twist today was it rained so hard they actually cancelled filming and move the whole production out to Fort Langley to try and salvage the filming day.

I started the day by picking up people at the crew parking lot, and taking them to the circus and then to the set.

It was a miserable day in Deep Cove.

Another location for Cedar Cove is at Crescent Beach in White Rock. I actually lived in White Rock when I was 6 and 7. This is Elgin Park, where the circus will be parked.

I thought I was scarier, apparently not.
another gem that is only minutes from a major highway.

Cedar Cove spent a day filming at Buntzen Lake.

Back to Fort Langley with Cedar Cove, this time the circus was the parking lot for the old  Albion Ferry, which crossed the Fraser River over to Maple Ridge. ( now they use the Golden Ears Bridge)

I was surprised there was still access to the ferry dock.

another day on Cedar Cove, this time in Langley, at the Sandman Inn, where they used the restaurant for one of their scenes.

super close to the Trans Canada Highway.
hard to see, but the truck with the tarp is pulling a trailer with a Toyota Prius car on the back. In the scene for the show, Andie Macdowall and passenger pretend they are in the car, while it is  towed around Langley. Later someone else will actually drive the car, using a non-close-up shot.

well, this is a fine end to a blog, a stand-off between two ramblin' guys, I think there is a little respect from both parties.

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