Saturday, November 26, 2016

back to work.......

the ham radio is really heating up as we film episode 11 of the first season of Frequency.
I must admit, I have not been dying to get back to work after my vacay to Tennessee, but there are bills to pay. One of our filming days was at the Mountain view Cemetery in Vancouver.

A peaceful easy feeling here..

Another location was close to Queen Elizabeth Park in Vancouver.

Across the street from our base camp was these fly agaric mushrooms, which I have never seen before. Apparently they are know for their hallucinogenic properties.

shooting continued, this time on west 4th street in the Kitsilano neighbourhood of Vancouver.
Another day at my favourite location, Riverview Hospital, this time the maintenance building was doubling as a gas station.

complete with the pumps.

then back to Deacon Joe's house, (suspected serial killer in the show) on S.W. Marine Drive in

when I took this photo by our base camp, it fall colors were everywhere.
This is a police show, and we move locations a lot. Another day was at Crab Park in Vancouver, close to the ports....

and downtown Vancouver.

a nice, albeit wet, view of downtown

I'm losing track of which days, but on this night we were back in the Strathcona neighbourhood of Vancouver.
and then back to Riverview, where the Set Dec department has aced this hospital set, the detail was amazing.

I spy, with my little eye, (from the confines of the hospital), my cast vehicle

I cannot imagine how sterile it must have been like inside, back when it was a functioning mental hospital.
as usual in a filming day, its night time before we finish.

on a cold dark Friday night, we took over a rural road in Langley, to film a car crash scene

It was still Canadian Thanksgiving when fellow Teamster brother, Rocky, was trying his hand at pumpkin carving.

That's pretty good, considering he said it was his first time ever!

I bet the leaves are all gone now, nearly a month has gone by.

back to Deacon Joe's house on S.W. Marine Drive. The property may soon be re-zoned, and this heritage home may soon be demolished.

Back home, the last few days have definitely been gloomy
the filming continues, this time a church scene in New Westminster

I guess this is the church Deacon Joe preaches in.

We certainly have been on the move lately, the next day we were in Murdo Frazer Park. Close by was McKay Creek.

We were filming today at the Murdo-Frazer cabin...........

and tonight
It was hard to see the lake behind the cabin, not because of the fog, but because of the smoke machines from our special effects department

Another day, this time a crime scene at a gas station, this one way out in Langley by 200th street and 24 ave.

which once again turned into night.
a cold dark rainy night

I do a lot of pick-ups and deliveries for the film production crews, but to drive across town for this one roll of tape?????
All part of a day's work.

Back up near the Murdo-Frazer cabin, there's a fungus amongus!

The only perk of working late into the evening and into the next morning. How often do you get to be the only vehicle in the Cassiar Tunnel?

How about that, below my building, the t.v. show Lucifer is filming on this day.

Talk about a Fraturday! We started filming on a Friday, now it was 8 a.m. on Saturday, and I am still waiting for the Daily Production Report to take to the office. Only the honey wagon driver, the 3rd a.d. and myself were left out in Langley.
Internet escape............

this so reminds me of my brother-in-law (not the pic, the fact that he owns chickens!)


I'm sure the happy is going to wear off soon

Strong work!

Um, ok, sign me up!


Great idea

uhhhhh, we think we fit.....

the only reason I am showing this pic, is because it was recommended for me to mount my t.v. the same way at my new place. Glad I went for the traditional t.v. stand.

cant get much closer to home

said the pied piper

uhhh, yay, I do, man did I just date myself...

this is why I refuse to even think about it

ahhhhh drama


duh, can I get shares in this company

Sorry pet lovers, I'll take one


uh, not so bitchin

uh, bitchin, just not for me

god speed crazy fools

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