Sunday, March 8, 2015

Nokia is not in the house

Filming again this week on Electra Woman and Dyna girl. (week three) We spent a week shooting at the old Nokia building in Burnaby, which now sits empty and is being used by a lot of film productions.
Look up, look wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy up!
The back-up camera actually helped me backing up as not to back into the back of the building. (ouch)
Exploring around the area, I thought this was kind of a cool shot.

Craig, one of my transport brothers fuelling up on of the many film production vehicles

This pond was right across the street.

I was lucky enough to spot this heron hanging out in the middle

The suns shines on the mighty Fraser river, which was also across the street from the Nokia building

Log booms

It's good to be in the right place at the right time! Here is Tracey trying to pry open the men's washroom on set because.....

Our captain Dave was locked inside! Now that is good humor!

Most of my week was spent commuting back and forth from Nokia to downtown Vancouver, shuttling producers and actors around

Back to my home away from home, the Sutton hotel, waiting to pick up the actors

I have found a new favorite route to take me downtown during the rush hour times.
This morning I had the honor of picking up Hannah Hart (Dyna girl), and Andy Buckley, a brilliant and funny actor who may be best known as David Wallace on the Office

He even gave me his card!

Never going to forget where I parked my car again!

Interesting lobby at the Westside Church, formally the Ford theatre on Hornby Street in Vancouver. I was there for the advanced screening of a movie I worked on last year, Dead Rising.

Ahhhhh there he is, Bonzo the zombie party clown! It was a good movie, if Zombies and the video game Dead Rising are your thing.
Another week of zipping around the Vancouver area, many miles on Boundary Road this week, which separates Vancouver from Burnaby.

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