Monday, April 22, 2013

Blog tardy

The sun is rising, (out by Delta for a movie trailer shoot), time to get back on the blog track!

First stop on today's blog was the office of the t.v. show Supernatural , to pick-up a cheque. I poked my head inside the studio and checked out the latest set work.

Then it was out to the filming of a trailer for a movie called "Big". I helped out by being one of the police officers in the scene as well as the delivery of the police cars to and from set.

We got to drive these cars around the parkade with the lights on as if we were heading out on a chase!

back out in Delta, I spied this bald eagle checking out the action.

and there was a lot of action today, we drove these police vehicles on a back road out by DeltaPort

cool view of an overpass looking towards the Northshore mountains

A very wet and muddy field across from our start marks.

Looking towards the cranes at Deltaport.
The scene was to chase the convertible that had the bad guys in it. We actually got up a little speed, and did many takes of the chase.

even I'm being followed.

One of the cameras they used was mounted on this remote controlled helicopter. Very cool!

A closer look at the muddy field revealed it was full of potatoes.
Later that night there was another scene, this time downtown Vancouver in the back of Hy's steakhouse in Vancouver. It was supposed to be a mafia hang out, and I actually got to play one of the mobsters.

Nights scenes of downtown Vancouver, this shot on Burrard St.

A morning shot looking south on Burrard.

a little construction action, actually it caused a bit of a traffic jam.

Looking out west towards the water
A visit to Burnaby Lake, it's changed a lot since this shot in February.

Yo! Scooter!

the Mallards'

Mr. Wood Duck

A nice oasis from the urban sprawl that is so close by.

Downy woodpecker
Green-Winged Teal


Traffic Jam

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